September 2012

@July2Fly Texas Wave (Killeen) Spark Dawg x King Koupe x Cashis x

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@July2Fly Texas Wave (Killeen) Spark Dawg

Now it’s Jay-Z’s moment at Barclays Center


The preliminaries are over, including the opening of his 40-40 Club at the arena, attended by most of the NetsSound and light checks are done. Barclays Center opens Friday night with the concert of the year, the first of eight by Jay-Z in his hometown. The long-awaited reveal of the Nets uniform, still shrouded in a (bit of) mystery, will take place during the night as well.

There is more than enough anxiety to go around, more than enough excitement, for this, Shawn Carter’s moment. Everything he’s ever done has pointed to this night. From Marcy Projects to the stage at Barclays is a hell of a long journey. Expect emotion from him, the crowd, the city. Forget the traffic snarls, the protests, all of it will be forgotten.

The question is, Where Brooklyn at? Right here, right now. “Yeah I think I’m the American dream,” Jay-Z said this week. “That whole thing that you could come here and pull yourself up by the bootstraps, like that whole thing what America has always put up to the world that we represent. I feel that. Yes, I’ve lived that.”

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Chris Brown is prepping up for another tour. The singer was spotted rocking his natural black hair again while hitting the club with Sean Kingston last night in L.A.

Rocking his shiny black hair again (which he debuted during his probation hearing earlier this week), “Strip” singer Chris Brown was spotted arriving at Supper Club in Hollywood to host his Black Pyramid party.

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Foul Play – Chris Lighty Murder Investigation


Thanks to 50 Cent, who donated the necessary funds to cover the investigation, Chris Lighty’s mother was able to hire private investigator (P.I.) Les Levine to attempt to determine whether or not he actually committed suicide.  As of right now, he doesn’t believe Lighty took his own life.There have been claims that he was facing financial woes, but 50 Cent says that doesn’t add up because Lighty had secured a world-wide tour for 50 in 2013 that would have brought him around $4 million.  The claims that he shot himself after arguing with his wife, Veronica Lighty, have also been disputed because according to the family and those close to them, they were in a happy marriage. Also, Chris left his entire estate to his wife, aside from a trust fund he set up for his children.  Private investigator Les Levine is highly doubtful that the suicide claims are true, and he voiced his doubts to Fox 5.”I guess it comes down to the bottom question: Do I believe Chris would kill himself?’ The answer is no.”Levine still has yet to speak to Chis’ wife Veronica regarding the rumors of the two having rough patches in their marriage, mainly because she is still grieving the loss of her husband. He is however thoroughly examining all angles of this case to determine whether Chris’ death was in fact a suicide, homicide, or accidental self inflicted gunshot to the head.Do you believe Chris Lighty committed suicide?Source:

Coming Soon Exclusive Interview – LV The Voice – The Last chapter

MFIR Radio sits in on with Luvy LV The Voice Murray and talk about this last and final album and the album title change.  What’s Your Story – The Last Chapter .

LV explains his reasoning for making his last run the best run.   While in the industry is the way it is and why the artist of today is missing the main packaging of what a artist is about. 

But not staying away from music he will be looking to sign and management and develop new artist who are willing to  go beyond the stage. 


He currently is working on a few project and will be letting MFIR Radio in on what is next for LV The VoiceImage



Get Busta Rhymes’ latest, “Year of the Dragon” free for a limited time:

With this in-depth documentary, we spoke to Busta and some of his closest collaborators about the evolution of his double time rhyme style and how dubbing live old school rap battles as a child lead him to wowing crowds today. Watch the video, revisit some of Busta’s best records and grab his explosive (as always) new singles, “King Tut” and “Doin It Again” for free:

Watch more Busta Rhymes exclusives including the behind the scenes from “King Tut” and “Why Stop Now” music videos:

Busta Rhymes “King Tut” Behind the Scenes OFFICIAL feat. Reek Da Villian and J Doe EXPLICIT

Go behind the scenes on the set of the new music video for Busta Rhymes’ “King Tut” featuring Reek Da Villian and J Doe.

Busta Rhymes “King Tut” ft. Reek da Villian & J Doe Official (Explicit)

The official music video for Busta Rhymes “King Tut” ft. Reek da Villian & J Doe.

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