On Thursday, in New Jersey Court of Appeals it was decided that Max B, a now 34 year old Harlem rapper who is currently incarcerated for his part in a 2006 robbery and murder of David Taylor in a Fort Lee Holiday Inn hotel room, will continue the remainder of his 75-year conviction.

The rapper, real name Charly Wingate, was convicted after Bergen County prosecutors argued that he arranged for his stepbrother, Kevin Leerdam, and his girlfriend, Gina Conway, to be at the the hotel to commit the robbery.

The targets of the robbery, David Taylor and Allan Plowden, were seen driving a 2007BMW and flashing a lot of money in Harlem during September 2006 – a few day before Max B’s hotel scheme.

Plowden, who was an inmate during the trial in 2009, admitted to obtaining the money from mortgage and credit card fraud.

During the trial Conway testified to being the bait, saying she met Plowden in Harlem and he took her to the Mahwahhotel. After, she told Max B that Plowden had a lot of money and the rapper devised a plan making his stepbrother the muscle of the operation.

The next day, Conway and Leerdam confronted Plowden who was at the time being entertained by a prostitute while staying at Fort Lee’s Holiday Inn.

When they failed to find the money in the room they ordered Plowden to call on Taylor. In a few minutes when arriving to the room, Taylor was shot in the face by Leerdam.

The two only left with a few things like a lap top and a thousand dollars.

Due to her plea deal, Conway received a 15 year sentence.

Leerdam who also got his appealed denied, is serving a sentence of life plus 35 years.

Info via: NorthJersey.com