Thanks to 50 Cent, who donated the necessary funds to cover the investigation, Chris Lighty’s mother was able to hire private investigator (P.I.) Les Levine to attempt to determine whether or not he actually committed suicide.  As of right now, he doesn’t believe Lighty took his own life.There have been claims that he was facing financial woes, but 50 Cent says that doesn’t add up because Lighty had secured a world-wide tour for 50 in 2013 that would have brought him around $4 million.  The claims that he shot himself after arguing with his wife, Veronica Lighty, have also been disputed because according to the family and those close to them, they were in a happy marriage. Also, Chris left his entire estate to his wife, aside from a trust fund he set up for his children.  Private investigator Les Levine is highly doubtful that the suicide claims are true, and he voiced his doubts to Fox 5.”I guess it comes down to the bottom question: Do I believe Chris would kill himself?’ The answer is no.”Levine still has yet to speak to Chis’ wife Veronica regarding the rumors of the two having rough patches in their marriage, mainly because she is still grieving the loss of her husband. He is however thoroughly examining all angles of this case to determine whether Chris’ death was in fact a suicide, homicide, or accidental self inflicted gunshot to the head.Do you believe Chris Lighty committed suicide?Source: