We sit last spoke with him a few years ago when had sat down with Swizz Beats and Violator for business. Today we sit down with the man with the Master plan.


MFIR RADIO- Whats New With you LV ?

LV- Well plenty thanks for asking and having me. I’ve been really busy since the last time we spoke. Plenty has changed and plenty is going on.

MFIR RADIO-  Before we get into the questions for your followers let me ask you this. What do you think about the state of HIPHOP?

LV- Well let me correct you if you don’t mind me doing so.. Music has it stages correct. HIPHOP dead and will remain left in the 80’s .. The 90’s gave birth to Gangster Rapper.. The 20 century gave birth to music that doesn’t really have a message or meaning depending on the emcee or rapper. As of 2012 going into 2013 I really think these kids and fans lost track of what music is.. When you have someone like a Tittie Boy ( 2Chains ) who we all know from DTP come back out and everyone is calling him a new rapper and so on.. I’m like wtf….!!!!! 1st of he didn’t make it with DTP and now we expect him to go crazy with his name.. lol Yea i guess its working. He is trash and I don’t know why he is able to get this far all I can say is the ears are dead. But I will say this music is not for ears to hear but for the ears to say yea this is the shyt … 2nd We are in New York and Yet I feel like every time I walk outside my house I’m in the South or in The west coast.

Meaning when I go outside I hear the Following: Drake, Weezy, Rick Rose, A$ap, 2Chain etc but when you go down there you don’t hear New York playing.  I feel the reason we are so left behind in music is because New York doesn’t supports New York. We are so caught up trying to be like everyone else instead of being New York.  We don’t build teams to run shyt we build teams to tear of New York. The south supports all of their artist no matter who is talking beef. But are the biggest haters among each other. But thats all I gotta say on it because they not ready for the TRUTH

MFIR RAIDO- What do you think is wrong with the way people view and listen to music?

LV-  Well like I stated earlier they just dont care bout the music they care about the artist. They don’t what you saying if it makes sense but they love  you if you talking about shyt. The average listen is in their teens who is the same teen who won’t graduate or pass his classes so you figure it out.

MFIR RADIO- How do you view some of the new rappers out now?

LV- I can’t and wont say to much on them but the only rapper ill speak on that has gotten me to add him to my phone is Kendrick Lamar. I respect his style.

MFIR RADIO- What is the meaning behind the track you released “Getting Dirty”  and who are you talking about.?

LV-  LoL Well now we getting somewhere. I’m to break it down for you . Getting Dirty is a track leaning towards all my hard work I’ve been putting in this industry.  I not just talking to one person but to everyone who has it out for me.  The track is a statement for what is to come. I have new singles and Videos dropping. Can’t really go into the Track selection because of the state I’m in. With all these copy gangsters and song writers.  But lets just say the 1st single is gonna be crazy and we working on the video and the rmx all at the same time.. the next few tracks after that is crazy and different.

But if any ladies wanna be apart of the Video they should get at me asap at mr.brokenbottles@gmail.com plus follow me on twitter or IG @iamlvthevoice