December 29, 2012

Cassidy Responds To @MeekMill’s “Repo” Diss & Photoshopped Funeral Photos (Track + Video Inside)

Meek Mill Cassidy 1

Meek Mill dropped “Repo” last night (December 26) at 9:30 and a music battle/ funeral was held.

Those were Meek’s words, not mine.

The track “Repo” gives us a screaming diss to Cassidy, provided my Maybach’s youngest in charge, Meek Mill. Now, we’re all familiar with the recent battle between the two Philly natives including Twitter wars after Cassidy dropped “Condom Style“, and his recent single “Me, Myself, and iPhone”.  Everybody in the hip hop world knows about the beef that’s been going on between the two over the past couple of days.

Yesterday, just one day after Christmas, Meek Mill took his Twitter antics even further. The “Amen” rapper placed a photoshopped picture of Cassidy asleep in a casket, with himself sitting on the casket counting money. There was even a “funeral sharp” photo of Rick Ross cropped into the picture for funeral attendance.

Check the photo out below:

Cassidy casket

Cassidy has since then responded to the diss via twitter:

Cassidy diss tweet

The two rivals continue to go at it and as a result, music is born. As long as this music battle is where the beef stays, we don’t see anything wrong with it. There are many fans of Cassidy who hope for a break through, while Meek Mill’s fan base is just as deep. Many people showed  their anger towards the photo of Cassidy in a casket, via comments on Meek Mill’s Instagram page. Too far?

Check out the track “Repo” (Cassidy diss) – Meek Mill HERE.

Here is some recent Cassidy footage below:





Drake Wants Royalties for YOLO

DrakeDrakeCredit: Getty Images

“YOLO,” shorthand for “You Only Live Once,” has been splashed all over the Internet and is popping up on T-shirts and other merchandise. Now Drake, 26, claims that he’s entitled to a cut of everyone profiting from the term because he made it popular in his 2011 song, “The Motto.” “You only live once –that’s the motto … YOLO,” he raps on the track.

On Monday, Drake called out a couple of retailers on Instagram for using YOLO. “Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque,” he wrote alongside a photo of YOLO emblazoned caps. Then, he posted a pic of Peanuts-themed T-shirts featuring “YOLO” on them hanging on the racks at a department store. “Macy’s…same goes for you,” Drake wrote.

“YOLO” has become so popular that it was one of the finalists for Oxford Dictionaries’ 2012 Word of the Year, but it lost out to GIF. The Washington Post even gives Drake a shout-out in a story that it did in April about its popularity. “The abbreviation has been bouncing around Twitter for a while now, but it cemented its place in cultural conversation when it was written into the Drake song ‘The Motto,'” Maura Judkis wrote.

Still, Drake has a tough battle ahead of him if he plans to take legal action. Gawker reports that “there are over 100 YOLO trademark applications either live or dead in the United States for everything from cologne to dog collars.” Do you think Drake should get paid for YOLO?

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