Kanye West hits the stage with another rant, this time saying “name brands” are “fightin’ for your souls.”

In his latest rant, Kanye West has targeted brands. The Louis Vuitton Don’s latest comes from a concert in Amsterdam where West discussed his views on how name brands affect people.

“Do y’all notice anything different to the left and the right, by the bar?” West asked, pacing around the stage and pointing towards Heineken advertising at Heineken Music Hall. He continued by saying, “Name brands always fightin’ for your soul.”

He began half-singing and half-rapping as he paced around.

“I felt like I wanted something better,” he said while bobbing his body back and forth on stage. “A lot of people buy brands because of the pressure, because without the brands it’s like they feel lesser.”

This is not the first time West has done something of this nature this year. West also had rants about other topics and even ended a recent show by screaming into the microphone several times and throwing it down on stage. Video of his recent rant about brands can be found below, courtesy ofYVR1S.

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