Lupe Fiasco gets something off of his chest about “hypocritical ways” in Hip Hop.

During a recent performance in Maryland, Lupe Fiascotook a moment to just speak to the crowd. With no music backing him, Fiasco said he needed to get something off of his chest. Fiasco then spoke about what he feels are “hypocritical ways” in Hip Hop.

“It kills me,” he began. “Let me get this shit up off of my chest. It kills me how mothafuckers be talking all that, ‘Man the streets are so fucked up. Why these young dudes out here shooting each other? Why these girls out running around reckless. All this crazy shit.’ They’ll be the same mothafuckers that’ll go on the radio station and play your mothafuckin’ song.”

He went on to say that fans can be hypocritical too. 

“Mothafuckers sit around in their car like, ‘Ah, man. Shit is fucked up.’ Yeah, and then they turn up the same shit that a mothafucker doing in the streets with no problem riding around to it. That shit just irks me,” he continued. “We do it ourselves in the smallest ways, in the smallest hypocritical ways.” 

He finished off saying that he just feels he needs to speak about what he sees. 

“When I say stuff like that, when you hear me rant, I mean it from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “If you don’t like it, don’t pay me to do shit then.” 

Fans can be heard agreeing and disagreeing with Fiasco in the audience. More from the video, courtesy of a fan, can be seen below.