So here are at another Great Venue at Harlem’s “Mist” a great place for upscale people. Its a wonderful star studded event hosted and starring Anthony Jones Mikey Jay Warner Bros. Entertainment NBC News LV (THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE) Keisha VP Williams and of courseMFIR Radio – and not to say that there were other proclaim stars in attendance. As the night went on with Special performances by Luvy LVthevoice Murray Mikey Jay@TWiZ @Rochel Lorni and many others – We step out to greet the other stars who we see floating around and come across Gabourey Sidibe who we thought would be a great person to speak about working with our projects . Little did we find out that she has an attitude and didn’t to speak or take pictures with anyone AT ALL despite being who is really is and allowing her self to be humble . No that wasn’t the case we approached the star who we will only say her name this one time because she isn’t worth it.. But the way she gabbed her friends and threw them in front of her and running away from the ppl (fans) Oh Yes I said running lol – Who does this girl think she is.. If we didn’t watch her movie she wouldn’t be who she think she is.. You are suppose to at least speak to ppl let alone take a pic with a or press you don’t know who ppl are when you come across them in the streets.. She gets an (F) for not being ppl like in public…Image