As we sit down with emcee LV The Voice and talk about why the sudden album change and his plans and thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s Vesrse.

MFIR – What Been going on with you since we last caught up with you.

LV– Well I’ve been working hard on these songs and Videos for my fans. But pretty much just chilling.

MFIR – We want to just jump into Kendrick Lamar’s Verse if you don’t mind then finish up on you. What are your thoughts?

LV – I mean honestly he’s a dope emcee and means business. Now one should take what he said outta content because trying to spice up the game.  I feel him Im sick of all these lame Rappers doing the same sound and songs with each other like their no one else grinding.  I feel him on the we friends but hey its business and competition.  They do it all the time in sports so why not I’m music.  Everyone tripping off the I’m king of New York. Line like he really trying to disrespect. But anyway he just trying to make heads step their game up .. In one if my songs I said – I’m the king if the city I got my own biggie. You judge me then

MFIR – So you switched your albums up tell us why.

LV – Well it was more like I had to make a business decision about what I want to fans to feel. I felt like the title” What’s Your Story ” became more like a R & B album than a Hip Hop album.  So I wanted my fans to be able to understand me on where I’m coming from.  So in order to do that I had to understand what keeps their attention.  The title” The Last King”

MFIR – What’s different on this album

LV – Everything from the story down to the content in which I deliver.

MFIR – Our sources  told us that you plan on dropping two album before the year needs.

LV – lol at Sources but yes I plan on dropping a second album for my lady fans called WHAT’S YOUR STORY RHYTHM AND BLUES. I want to take my fans down a lane they are going to love man !!!!!!! like the music I love to make. I’m a young LL Cool J,  but more defined.  I’m gonna try to release that around December but  Im still working on it..

MFIR – Oh and before we leave you how is your label situation at island Def Jam and do you feel like you are being held down and not pushed like the rest if the artist.

LV – Well my situation over at Island is different I’m only there for a distribution deal.  But I can’t say anything else on it,  I’ll tell you this I’m talking with a few other situations right now we gonna see how these projects work then move from there.  I mean I do way much more than music and I always try and push the bar but you just have to wait and see.  Lol

– Interview by Mr. Johnson