Protect yourself and Know your worth. LV has been using Reverb for promotional purposes only for as long as most of the major artist on there.. In 2009 LV has been ranked 2 in Hiphop Global next to 50 cent /Thisis50 . After the increase of artist and popularity its been harder for artist to maintain and make money off the site that is suppose to give their artist 50% of the site revenue.  LV states ” I noticed after I got to 2nd place I went all the way down to 3000 and not I’ve been climbing and falling in number but can’t get pass 20th place. I’ve made the most money on their site most artist in my genre (HipHop) have and I guest they noticed that and I haven’t been maybe to make money off them since then .. ”  Below is what they say about your ROYALTIES 


Aggregator will earn all royalties from sales of your music. At any time, ReverbNation may decide to take down the release either with or without notification to the user. While abandoned, and at any time prior to a takedown order, the user can reinstate their subscription by re-subscribing to the Digital Distribution service. If you wish to remove the abandoned album from retailers, you must pay the takedown fee, which is $29.95 for the Essentials Package or $44.95 for the Pro Package




As Musicians we have to protect yourself and read your agreements between you and the vendor or Aggregator. 


Story by MFIR Radio