January 27, 2014


Jay-Z and Beyoncé Bombshell Grammy Opener


As you waited for The Grammys to start wanting to see who would start of the Show you are drawn to a dark Smokey scene and then some legs arise from the darkness.  Wait you hear the music is that my some wait is that…..  Yes it’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z about to rip the stage. 

It was a sight to see their performance was right performance to kick off a great night.  Yes do I need to go on I think not…  We thank you Jay & B for that wonderful Performance.

Best Rock Grammy Performance


One of the best performances done by a Rock group in years.  Imagine Dragon & Kendrick Lamar storm the stage for their remake of Mad City. 

Rocking the stage in All white they went back and forth with like styles of Beats and Drums from the actual Song. 

Then towards The end they ended the song off with a blast of Red Powder meaning Mad City..  Yes we loved that performance..

Macklemore Texts Kendrick at The Grammys


So we all have come to the same conclusion that Awards and The Industry isn’t made to be fair.  We saw Lordie win a few awards and we don’t even know where she came from,  we saw Kendrick putting on one of the biggest performances we have ever seen him do but hey where’s the awards..  You have Artist like LV The Voice who can be a force to talk about but we don’t speak on that because The Industry makes and chooses their stars.

But we know at the end of the night who should of won.  Kendrick you did good bro..  Just show em next year..

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