January 30, 2014

Latest Surveillance Video of Avonte Oquendo Leaving School Released

Latest Surveillance Video of Avonte Oquendo Leaving School Released 

New footage shows Avonte before he ran out of his school.

Posted: 01/29/2014 09:32 AM EST

New footage that shows what happened before and after Avonte Oquendo ran out of his Queens, New York, school on Oct. 4 has been released. 

In the video, an adult is shown walking down a hallway and out of a door. The door does not shut completely and is left open for a half hour, according to ABC 7 New York. Avonte then runs down the same hallway, at 12:03 p.m. and pauses when he gets to the door before running out. Later a school safety officer walks up the hallway and closes the door. 

Avonte’s family lawyer, David Perecman, said that this is unacceptable. “Never again,” he told ABC 7. “Don’t let children leave school. Between bringing them to school and getting them home they can’t disappear.” Perecman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city alleging that school personnel failed to monitor Avonte.

Thousands gathered for Avonte’s funeral Saturday in Manhattan. Avonte’s body parts were discovered in the East River in Queens, New York, on Jan. 16. This was a sad ending to a more than three-month search for the teen. The cause of his death is still being determined.

On Sunday, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer proposed legislation called “Avonte’s Law,” that states the government would pay $10 million for GPS tracking devices for autistic children.

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T.I. Denies He’s Divorcing Tiny Hustle Gang leader addresses breakup rumors.

T.I. & Tiny

T.I. Denies He’s Divorcing Tiny

Hustle Gang leader addresses breakup rumors. 



Contrary to rumors that have been circling this week, T.I. and Tiny’s family hustle is still very much intact.


The couple is not splitting up, but did get into an argument, the rapper confirmed to TMZ.  

Breakup rumors started after T.I. skipped the Grammys and didn’t attend any pre- or post-show events with Tiny. The duo  who married in 2010 and have been together for over a decade  are rarely seen without one another, and added fuel to the fire with subliminal Instagram messages seemingly aimed at one another.

Over the weekend Tip wrote, “Dis da 1st day of da  rest of my life!!!! IG in da last 24hrs my life has changed!!!! No details necessary…. Just try to accept da change.”

He added, “From now on. And that’s #OnDoeB #OnPhil it’s #Hustegangovererrrrthang #god #Children #ThatCheck IN THAT ORDER!!!!! What God got for me Can’t NOBODY TAKE it away…it’s mines!!!!”

Tiny had an announcement of her own. “These n—-s be acting up & these B’s be letting em! True Story… My fav song right now!!!! So what you saying h-e!” The 37-year-old spent Grammy night with Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert, sans her better half.

The real story, according to Tip, is that he and his wife had a disagreement over Tiny wanting to walk the Grammys red carpet. He admitted that the war or words got heated, but that they cleared the air a day later. 








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