Mfir Radio (Mixtape),

Advertising and Marketing Packages : These are the Following Packages:

Interviews $25
*Promo1(Interview|3 Month Single Promo) $49.95
**Promo2(Interview|3 Month Single Promo|Web,Blog feat) $85
***Ultimate MFIR Package(Interview| 3 Month Single Promo|Web,Blog Feat|Review Writer up(Web,Blog) Video Interview) $130

*****Stand along Features*****
Album Reviews Web,Blog Feat Video Blog or Interview

********Company Packages******
Commercial 30 Commercial 60 Ad Space on the Web Site,
Blog Also If you are someone in need of video work please contact us at the Following Email as well.

Write Ups/Mixtape $5.00 USD
Interviews $25.00 USD
Spot Light Feat $50.00 USD
Full Package $60.00 USD
Mixtape Slots $5.00 USD