Love And Hip Hop ATL Full Cast Member Fight Gets Ugly?


Love and Hip Hop ATL is starting off filming with a big fight. According to, some cast members showed up to new restaurant “Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar”, owned by Stevie J and Benzino where several fights had broken out leaving some injured and weapons pulled out.

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The fight allegedly started between Karli Redd and Benzino’s fiancé, Althea after an argument which later became physical.

MediaTakeOut reported:

“ALLEGEDLY Althea TWO-PIECED Karli and knocked her out cold . . . we’re talking SLEEP. Erica immediately jumped in and ALLEGEDLY started throwing bottles at Althea.

That’s when we’re told that a melee ensued. A lot of bumping started going on and some LOCAL DOPE BOYS didn’t like being bumped so they ALLEGEDLY pulled guns and started waving them in the air like a scene in New Jack City.”

In addition, Joseline Hernandez got into the mix with Shay Johnson’s friends and was allegedly hit with a bottle of ACE OF SPADES.

Although the cast is known for their fights, this may be a premiere preview we have to see soon!