February 11, 2014


Nelson Mandela began life in 1918 in South Africa. He led armed resistance against apartheid, his native land’s entrenched system of brutal legal discrimination that guaranteed political and economic security for White South Africans and disenfranchisement and poverty for Blacks.

As a part of the African National Congress (ANC), Mandela found himself first a fugitive and then a prisoner. During his twenty seven years in jail, he became an international symbol of defiance against the brutality of South Africa’s racist regime.

Mandela was freed from prison in 1990. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize three years later. Shortly thereafter, he was elected the first Black president of a new South Africa, one now free of apartheid–if not entirely of its legacy–due in part to his efforts.

On this date: FEBRUARY 11, 1990 Nelson Mandela ~ (South African president and political activist) released from prison after 27 years



Michael Sam is “an instant hero in the gay and lesbian community” … so says the brother of NFL commish Roger Goodell, who’s also openly gay.

SOURCES FROM TMZ Sports spoke to Michael Goodell … who says “it’s about time” a top NFL prospect was brave enough to be open about his sexuality.

In fact, Michael compares Sam to Jackie Robinson — saying because of the defensive end’s courage, homosexuality in the NFL “won’t be an issue in 10 to 20 years.”

Michael — who’s very close with his brother — says he hasn’t spoken to Roger about Michael Sam yet … but says he knows, “Roger is fine with this. He’s a good businessman and he’s been around this issue his whole life.”

As for whether he thinks Sam’s announcement will affect his draft stock — Michael says, “I’ve met a lot of the NFL owners through my brother. They’re businessmen, not homophobes.”



Drake and Rihanna got back together this weekend — at least for a couple hours — partying it up at the same table inside an L.A. nightclub Friday … source say they were getting preeeeetty cozy.

Dreezy and Ri-Ri arrived separately at Hollywood’s Hooray Henry’s late Friday night … but spent the next few hours getting close at Drake’s VIP table. No flagrant PDA, but we’re told they were definitely being affectionate.

The on-again off-again couple left in separate cars early Saturday AM — but this is interesting … we’re told they left only minutes apart.

Drake has most recently been linked to Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoe — as recently as a couple weeks ago — but old habits die hard.


0210-nicholas-williams-trinidad-jamesTrinidad James may have looked baked out of his mind in the mug shot after his arrest last week … but pics don’t convict …so James is walking…
James was busted Friday for possession of marijuana after lighting up in his Mississippi Holiday Inn hotel room — but after further investigation,  cops have backed off the case.

We asked repeatedly why they won’t even present the case to prosecutors … but we got nothin’.

On second look … we take back what we said earlier … that pics don’t convict.

Shani Davis enjoys the attention as he pursues history

Shani Davis is everywhere you look these days. Ads for Ralph Lauren and McDonald’s. Promos for NBC. The cover of US magazine’s Olympic edition.

After spending most of his illustrious career in anonymity – much of it self-imposed – the speed skater has emerged as one of the Sochi Olympics’ biggest stars. And in what might be an even bigger surprise, he’s enjoying every bit of it.

FIGURE SKATING: Team event ready to debut

“It’s not like I ever didn’t want to be the face of the Olympics. There were other athletes who had a higher profile,” said Davis, the first African-American to win an individual gold at the Winter Olympics.

“I was a goodie in a vending machine behind eight other awesome snacks,” Davis added, using an amusing, but apt, analogy. “Now people are enjoying me for who I am.”

The timing couldn’t be better. After winning the 1,000 meters in both Torino and Vancouver, Davis is poised to become the first U.S. man to win gold medals in the same event in three consecutive Olympics.

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