Nikki Minaj is a FRICKIN idiot!!!!!!! I’ve never seen such blatant ignorance and disrespect!!!!! The entire Muslim Nation and Malcolm’s family need to boycott in front of her label her venues and her shows. If a white man pulled this stunt the black community would be up in arms. Only Hippocrates would such bafoonary. NUFF said – MIKEY JAY

But say this at a time where we are talking about Blacks embracing their cultural roots Nicki Keeps us back another Hundred years….


Nicki Minaj’s new single “Lookin’ Ass N—a” quenched the thirst of some rap fans who’ve been pining for more bars from the YMCMB star, but the track’s accompanying cover art is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Nicki dropped the video for “Lookin Ass N—a” on Wednesday, and no one’s mad at that barely there lace outfit she’s sporting, but her decision to use Malcom X on the cover art is another story.

The artwork features an image of the civil-rights activist holding a rifle and peeking out the window of his Queens, New York, home. The photo of Malcom X reportedly appeared in the 1964 issues of Ebony and Lifemagazines just a year before he was assassinated. Nicki shared the cover on her own Instagram account this week, but it has since been deleted, making it unclear if it was official artwork, or simply a spotlight on fan art.

If it is real, however, and Nicki was hoping to pay her respects somehow, that was lost on those who took to Twitter to express their disappointment and outrage that Malcom X’s image was placed next to such a provocative song title.



“Wayne used Emmett Till’s murder for a dumb line. Nicki Minaj uses Malcolm X’s image as cover art for a ‘Lookin Ass N—a’ song. Buffoonery,” @ClauGasol wrote, while, @destinylamyaa added, “This generation doesn’t care about black history, that’s why they’re cool with Nicki Minaj art cover. All they wanna be is cool smh.”

“I seriously thought that Nicki Minaj cover art of Malcolm X was a joke…something y’all Twitter people did,” @Miami_Chica chimed in.

Looks like @km_mixedlove appreciated it though. “I think Nicki Minaj’s cover art is clever & funny,” she wrote. “Lol you guys are all talking about it. She did something right.”



Nicki Minaj hasn’t commented on the uproar as yet, but some fans are extra upset about the timing of the release. “WOW. I heard the song w/o seeing the cover art. Nicki Minaj used Malcolm X for THAT song DURING #BlackHistoryMonth? C’mon love….,” ‏@yusufyuie wrote.


“Lookin Ass N—a” is set to appear on the upcoming YMCMB compilation.


Is Nicki Minaj’s Malcom X cover art offensive?
Yes, it’s completely inappropriate
No, the artwork complements the song’s title
-Lv TheVoice , MTV