May 2014

NBA and wife of sterling try to make a deal

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The NBA has called off a hearing to oust embattled Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling in advance of a vote on a potentially record-breaking deal negotiated by his wife Shelly Sterling to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

Shelly Sterling negotiated the deal despite objections expressed through her estranged husband Donald Sterling’s attorneys. She said in a statement late Thursday that she agreed to sell the team to Ballmer “under her authority as the sole trustee of The Sterling Family Trust, which owns the Clippers.”

The NBA said in a statement Friday that the league, Shelly Sterling and The Sterling Family Trust had “resolved their dispute over the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.”

“Under the agreement, the Clippers will be sold to Steve Ballmer, pending approval by the NBA Board of Governors, and the NBA will withdraw its pending charge to terminate the Sterlings’ ownership of the team,” it said.

But Donald Sterling is still fighting, filing suit in federal court against the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver and asking for damages in excess of $1 billion.

The suit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. It alleges that the league violated Sterling’s constitutional rights by relying on information from an “illegal” recording that publicized racist remarks he made to a girlfriend.

It also says the league committed a breach of contract by fining Sterling $2.5 million and violated antitrust laws by forcing a sale.

FILE – This file photo taken Nov. 19, 2013, …
“Mr. Sterling’s lawsuit is predictable, but entirely baseless,” NBA general counsel Rick Buchanan said. “Among other infirmities, there was no “forced sale” of his team by the NBA – which means his antitrust and conversion claims are completely invalid. Since it was his wife Shelly Sterling, and not the NBA, that has entered into an agreement to sell the Clippers, Mr. Sterling is complaining about a set of facts that doesn’t even exist.”

The NBA had been prepared for a lawsuit, saying in its statement that “Mrs. Sterling and the Trust also agreed not to sue the NBA and to indemnify the NBA against lawsuits from others, including from Donald Sterling.”

The ownership hearing had been scheduled for next Tuesday after the NBA charged Sterling with damaging the league with his racist comments that were recorded and released. A three-quarters vote of owners to support the charge would have terminated the Sterlings’ ownership, and the league would have sold the team.

Shelly Sterling reached an agreement to sell the team on Thursday night.

Donald Sterling was stripped of his ability to act as a trustee of the family’s fortunes, including the Clippers, after two neurologists determined he was suffering from dementia earlier this month, according to a person close to the Sterling family.

The individual, who is familiar with the trust and the medical evaluations but wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, said Sterling was deemed “mentally incapacitated” according to the trust’s conditions because he showed “an inability to conduct business affairs in a reasonable and normal manner.”

Donald Sterling made voluntary visits to two prominent neurologists who conducted extensive tests, including brain scans, earlier this month, the person said. Though Donald Sterling is no longer a co-trustee of The Sterling Family Trust, he still retains his 50 percent ownership and still receives proceeds from the sale, the individual said.

Steve Ballmer
“There is specific language and there are protocols about what to do, and steps in order to get a sole trustee position and that’s what took place in the last couple of days,” the individual said.

Sterling can try to reinstate his trusteeship by appealing to the California Probate Court.

Donald Sterling’s attorneys contend, however, that as a co-owner he must also give his consent for the deal to go through. They say he won’t be giving it. His attorney, Bobby Samini, said “the assertion that Donald Sterling lacks mental capacity is absurd” and that he’ll fight to not sell given the NBA’s conduct.

But the league said the sale agreement is binding and is going ahead with the approval process for Ballmer.

Ballmer said in a statement that he is honored to have his name submitted to the NBA for approval and thanked the league for working collaboratively with him throughout the process.

Shelly Sterling negotiated the sale after Donald Sterling’s remarks came to light.

Silver banned Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million, and said he would urge owners to force a sale, unless the Sterlings chose to sell first. And the price Ballmer paid was stunning.

“Obviously, I saw $2 billion. That gave me a reaction,” said Miami Heat star LeBron James, who had been vocal in calling for both Sterlings to be out of the league. “That was a reaction for sure. But as far as everything else, I haven’t quite dived into it. … Any time a ‘B’ goes after a number, man, you already know that you’re talking about some real money.”

This is not Ballmer’s first foray into potential NBA ownership. Ballmer and investor Chris Hansen headed a group that agreed to a deal to buy the Kings from the Maloof family in January 2013 with the intention of moving the team to Seattle, where the SuperSonics played until 2008.

But Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson lobbied the NBA for time to put together a bid to keep the team in California, and though the Ballmer-Hansen group later increased its offer, owners voted to deny the bid for relocation and the Kings were sold to Ranadive.

Johnson, who has been advising the NBA Players Association in the wake of Sterling’s comments, praised Ballmer in a series of tweets Friday night.

“When the Clips play next season, players will be proud to wear the logo on their chest & fans will be proud to cheer for their hometown team,” Johnson wrote.


AP Basketball Writers Brian Mahoney and Tim Reynolds contributed to this report.


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Maya Angelou, Lyrical Witness of the Jim Crow South, Dies at 86

ang0-003 maya-angelou images

Maya Angelou, the memoirist and poet whose landmark book of 1969, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” — which describes in lyrical, unsparing prose her childhood in the Jim Crow South — was among the first autobiographies by a 20th-century black woman to reach a wide general readership, died on Wednesday in her home. She was 86 and lived in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Her death was confirmed by her longtime literary agent, Helen Brann. No immediate cause of death had been determined, but Ms. Brann said Ms. Angelou had been in frail health for some time and had had heart problems.

As well known as she was for her memoirs, which eventually filled six volumes, Ms. Angelou very likely received her widest exposure on a chilly January day in 1993, when she delivered the inaugural poem, “On the Pulse of Morning,” at the swearing-in of Bill Clinton, the nation’s 42nd president, who, like Ms. Angelou, had grown up poor in rural Arkansas.

It began:

A Rock, A River, A Tree

Hosts to species long since departed,

Marked the mastodon,

The dinosaur, who left dried tokens

Of their sojourn here

On our planet floor,

Any broad alarm of their hastening doom

Is lost in the gloom of dust and ages.

But today, the Rock cries out to us, clearly, forcefully,

Come, you may stand upon my

Back and face your distant destiny,

But seek no haven in my shadow,

I will give you no hiding place down here.

Long before that day, as she recounted in “Caged Bird” and its five sequels, she had already been a dancer, calypso singer, streetcar conductor, single mother, magazine editor in Cairo, administrative assistant in Ghana, official of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and friend or associate of some of the most eminent black Americans of the mid-20th century, including James Baldwin, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

Afterward (her six-volume memoir takes her only to the age of 40), Ms. Angelou (pronounced AHN-zhe-lo) was a Tony-nominated stage actress; college professor (she was for many years the Reynolds professor of American studies at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem); ubiquitous presence on the lecture circuit; frequent guest on television shows, from “Oprah” to “Sesame Street”; and subject of a string of scholarly studies.

In February 2011, President Obama presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor.

Throughout her writing, Ms. Angelou explored the concepts of personal identity and resilience through the multifaceted lens of race, sex, family, community and the collective past. As a whole, her work offered a cleareyed examination of the ways in which the socially marginalizing forces of racism and sexism played out at the level of the individual.

“If growing up is painful for the Southern Black girl, being aware of her displacement is the rust on the razor that threatens the throat,” Ms. Angelou wrote in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

Hallmarks of Ms. Angelou’s prose style included a directness of voice that recalls African-American oral tradition and gives her work the quality of testimony. She was also intimately concerned with sensation, describing the world around her — be it Arkansas, San Francisco or the foreign cities in which she lived — with palpable feeling for its sights, sounds and smells.

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” published when Ms. Angelou was in her early 40s, spans only her first 17 years. But what powerfully formative years they were.

Marguerite Ann Johnson was born in St. Louis on April 4, 1928. (For years after Dr. King’s assassination, on April 4, 1968, Ms. Angelou did not celebrate her birthday.) Her dashing, defeated father, Bailey Johnson Sr., a Navy dietitian, “was a lonely person, searching relentlessly in bottles, under women’s skirts, in church work and lofty job titles for his ‘personal niche,’ lost before birth and unrecovered since,” Ms. Angelou wrote. “How maddening it was to have been born in a cotton field with aspirations of grandeur.”

Her beautiful, volatile mother, Vivian Baxter, was variously a nurse, hotel owner and card dealer. As a girl, Ms. Angelou was known as Rita, Ritie or Maya, her older brother’s childhood nickname for her.

After her parents’ marriage ended, 3-year-old Maya was sent with her 4-year-old brother, Bailey, to live with their father’s mother in the tiny town of Stamps, Ark., which, she later wrote, “with its dust and hate and narrowness was as South as it was possible to get.”

Their grandmother, Annie Henderson, owned a general store “in the heart of the Negro area,” Ms. Angelou wrote. An upright woman known as Momma, “with her solid air packed around her like cotton,” she is a warm, stabilizing presence throughout “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

The children returned periodically to St. Louis to live with their mother. On one such occasion, when Maya was 7 or 8 (her age varies slightly across her memoirs, which employ the techniques of fiction to recount actual events), she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.

She told her brother, who alerted the family, and the man was tried and convicted. Before he could begin serving his sentence, he was murdered — probably, Ms. Angelou wrote, by her uncles.

Believing that her words had brought about the death, Maya did not speak for the next five years. Her love of literature, as she later wrote, helped restore language to her.

As a teenager, now living with her mother in San Francisco, she studied dance and drama at the California Labor School and became the first black woman to work as a streetcar conductor there. At 16, after a casual liaison with a neighborhood youth, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. There the first book ends.

Reviewing “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” in The New York Times,Christopher Lehmann-Haupt called it “a carefully wrought, simultaneously touching and comic memoir.”

The book — its title is a line from “Sympathy,” by the African-American poetPaul Laurence Dunbar — became a best seller, confounding the pervasive stereotype that black women’s lives were unworthy of memoir.

The next five volumes of Ms. Angelou’s memoir, all, like the first, originally published by Random House, were “Gather Together in My Name” (1974), “Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas” (1976), “The Heart of a Woman” (1981), “All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes” (1986) and “A Song Flung Up to Heaven” (2002).

Together they describe her struggles to support her son through a series of odd jobs. “Determined to raise him, I had worked as a shake dancer in nightclubs, fry cook in hamburger joints, dinner cook in a Creole restaurant and once had a job in a mechanic’s shop, taking paint off cars with my hands,” she wrote in “Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas.” Elsewhere, she describes her brief unsuccessful stint as a prostitute and brief successful one as a madam.

Ms. Angelou goes on to recount her marriage to a Greek sailor, Tosh Angelos. (Throughout her life, she was circumspect about the number of times she was married — it appears to have been at least three — for fear, she said, of appearing frivolous.)

After the marriage dissolved, she embarked on a career as a calypso dancer and singer under the name Maya Angelou, a variant of her married name. A striking stage presence — she was six feet tall — she occasionally partnered in San Francisco with Alvin Ailey in a nightclub dance act known as Al and Rita.

She was cast in the Truman Capote-Harold Arlen musical “House of Flowers,” which opened on Broadway in 1954. But she chose instead to tour the world as a featured dancer in a production of “Porgy and Bess” by the Everyman Opera Company, a black ensemble.

Ms. Angelou later settled in New York, where she became active in the Harlem Writers Guild (she hoped to be a poet and playwright), sang at the Apollo and eventually succeeded Bayard Rustin as the coordinator of the New York office of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization that he, Dr. King and others had founded.

In the early 1960s, Ms. Angelou became romantically involved with Vusumzi L. Make, a South African civil rights activist. She moved with him to Cairo, where she became the associate editor of a magazine, The Arab Observer. After leaving Mr. Make — she found him paternalistic and controlling, she later wrote — she moved to Accra, Ghana, where she was an administrative assistant at the University of Ghana.

On returning to New York, Ms. Angelou helped Malcolm X set up the Organization of Afro-American Unity, established in 1964. The group dissolved after his assassination the next year.

In 1973, Ms. Angelou appeared on Broadway in “Look Away,” a two-character play about Mary Todd Lincoln (played by Geraldine Page) and her seamstress. Though the play closed after one performance, Ms. Angelou was nominated for a Tony Award. On the screen, she portrayed Kunta Kinte’s grandmother in the 1977 television mini-series “Roots” and appeared in several feature films, including “How to Make an American Quilt” (1995).

Ms. Angelou’s marriage in the 1970s to Paul du Feu, who had previously been wed to the feminist writer Germaine Greer, ended in divorce.

Over time, some critics expressed reservations about Ms. Angelou’s prose, calling it facile and solipsistic. Her importance as a literary, cultural and historical figure was amply borne out, however, by the many laurels she received, including a slew of honorary doctorates.

Her other books include the volumes of poetry “Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Diiie” (1971), “Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well” (1975); “And Still I Rise” (1978) and “Shaker, Why Don’t You Sing?” (1983).

She released an album of songs, “Miss Calypso,” in 1957.

But she remained best known for her memoirs, a striking fact in that she had never set out to be a memoirist. Near the end of “A Song Flung Up to Heaven,” Ms. Angelou recalls her response when Robert Loomis, who would become her longtime editor at Random House, first asked her to write an autobiography.


She demurred at first, still planning to be a playwright and poet. Cannily, Mr. Loomis called her again.

“You may be right not to attempt autobiography, because it is nearly impossible to write autobiography as literature,” he said. “Almost impossible.”

“I’ll start tomorrow,” Ms. Angelou replied.

TI & Floyd Mayweather Jr. Get Into a Physical Altercation Over Tiny


Many stars head to Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend where there’s tons of partying and drinking.  Well according to witnesses rapper T.I and boxer Floyd Mayweather were at Fatburger when an altercation occurred and it reportedly was over T.I.’s wife Tiny.

According to several witnesses Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd.

Some sources say that T.I was upset that Floyd and his wife Tiny were hanging out. Floyd told the rapper to, “control his bi*ch” and that’s when all hell broke loose.

T.I. swung at Floyd their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them.

Las Vegas PD arrived just as Floyd was leaving and told T.I. was already gone.

Police confirm one guy suffered a minor injury during the fight, but he refused treatment and did not want to cooperate with investigating officers. Cops tell TMZ the guy who was injured was “slashed” and was a Fatburger employee.

Here’s photos of Floyd Mayweather and Tiny together including when she traveled to Vegas for his May 3rd fight. Tiny also took a picture with Floyd’s daughter Yaya whom he threw a birthday party for, and there’s a picture of the man who was unfortunately slashed.

FBI using Facebook in fight against crime

Assistant US attorney Michael Scoville shows Maxi Sopo's Facebook page that helped the FBI nab him.

Assistant US attorney Michael Scoville displays Maxi Sopo’s Facebook page that helped the FBI capture him for bank fraud. Photograph: Elaine Thompson/AP


Any criminals dumb enough to brag about their exploits on social networking sites have now been warned: the next Facebook “friend” who contacts you may be an FBI agent.

US federal law enforcement agents have been using social networking sites ‑ including Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter ‑ to search for evidence and witnesses in criminal cases, and in some instances, track suspects, according to a newly released justice department memo.

FBI agents have created fake personalities ‑ in apparent contravention of some of the sites’ rules ‑ in order to befriend suspects and lure them into revealing clues or confessing, access private information and map social networks.

The new online efforts were revealed in a justice department document obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based legal advocacy group. The document, a 33-page slideshow prepared by two justice department lawyers, was obtained in a lawsuit the group filed against the justice department, seeking information on its social network policies.

Law enforcement agencies have long used internet chatrooms to lure child pornography traffickers and suspected sex predators and with a warrant, can seize suspects and defendants’ email records. But Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites provide a wealth of additional information, in photographs, status updates and friend lists. In many cases, the information is publicly accessible.

In a section entitled “utility in criminal cases”, the document says agents can scan suspects’ profiles to establish motives, determine a person’s location, and tap into personal communication, for instance through Facebook status updates.

Agents can examine photographs for guns, jewellery and other evidence of participation in robbery or burglary, and can compare information on Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds with suspects’ alibis. Friend lists can yield witnesses or informants.

The document advises agents that Facebook is now used in private background checks. It indicates that Facebook often co-operates with emergency law enforcement requests.

In one section on working undercover on social networking sites, the document poses but does not answer the question: “If agents violate terms of service, is that ‘otherwise illegal activity’?”

Facebook rules bar users from providing false information or creating an account for anyone other than yourself without permission, and says that users should “provide their real names”.

A former US cyber-security prosecutor told the Associated Press that federal investigators working online should be able to go undercover as much as they do in the real world, but said rules need to be developed.

“This new situation presents a need for careful oversight so that law enforcement does not use social networking to intrude on some of our most personal relationships,” Marc Zwillinger said.

In one case that highlights the use of social networking in law enforcement, a man wanted in Seattle on bank fraud charges fled and police lost track of him. The suspect’s Facebook page was private but his friend list was public. Among Maxi Sopo’s friends, prosecutors spotted a former justice department employee who did not know he was wanted. When Sopo posted messages on Facebook describing his easy new life in Mexico, his online friend provided information that enabled Mexican police to nab him in September.

Report: Yasiin Bey Barred From Re-Entering the U.S.


Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) has canceled his upcoming U.S. tour over immigration issues barring him from coming back to the 50 states, reports All Hip Hop.

A statement posted on one of the organizers’ website last week announced the scrapped shows. “We regret to inform you that due to immigration / legal issues Yasiin Bey is unable to enter back into the United States and his upcoming U.S. tour has been canceled, including May 15th, Together Boston’s show at The Wilbur Theatre. Individual ticket refunds for this show are available at point of sale.”

Bey moved to South Africa last year. He recently spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about relocating. “I lived in Brooklyn 33 years of my life. I thought I’d be buried in that place. And around seven years ago, I was like, you know, ‘I gotta go, I gotta leave,'” he shared. “It’s very hard to leave. And I lived in a lot of places. Central America. North America. Europe for a while. And I came to Cape Town in 2009 and it just hit me. I was like, ‘Yeah.’ I know when a good vibe gets to you. And, you know, I thought about this place every day from when I left.”

In May 2013, Bey, whose birth name is Dante Terrell Smith, made the official move with the help of friend/manager Abdi Hussein (aka Whosane). “So, I came and I said I’m not leaving, I’m staying,” continued the 40-year-old lyricist. “And I’m not here just for like middle class comfort, you know. Sure, it’s a beautiful place, you got the ocean, the mountain, the botanical garden, the beautiful people, the history, the culture, the struggle and everything — maaan, let me tell you something, for a guy like me, who had five or six generations not just in America but in one town in America, to leave America, things gotta be not so good with America.”

It is unclear what kind of discrepancies are holding up his re-entry into the U.S.

EXCLUSIVE – Beyonce and Jay Z on the Verge of Divorce? WHAT YOU THINK




There are currently many speculating that Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z are on the verge of divorce. The rumors started in earnest after the fight between the superstar’s sister and her husband, but there have been some tell-tale signs throughout the years. However, the former Destiny’s Child star likes to make her life look like a fairytale, and divorce is not part of that.

Many will now already be familiar with the recent episode of Solange Knowles and Jay Z. The two were seen arguing on lift security footage leaked at the Met Gala after party. There have been a range of reasons given for the argument, including Jay Z’s lack of support for the younger Knowles sister and the way he treats his wife.

Beyonce has always tried to portray the look of the perfect family. Her private life is kept behind closed doors the majority of the time, unless it will work for her or her husband’s advantage. She also stays out of fights, partially due to her pacifistic preferences. That was the reason given when she refused to get involved in the argument in the elevator.

There are many speculating whether it was the younger Knowles sister over reacting at something at the Met Gala after party, or whether there was something else to it. According to people close to the family, there could be something more to it. In fact, Beyonce and Jay Z may be on the verge of a divorce.

The fight at the Met Gala was not the only sign that she is considering a way out. Just recently, she was photographed with her wedding ring tattoo removed or covered up. The tattoo was something the couple got to show that their love for each other was permanent. It seems like the songstress wants to cut all reminders of this of her life out as soon as possible, so she can make a clean break.

However, she will try everything to keep the family together. There is more than her reputation to think about, such as her daughter and their joint fortune. Together, the power couple is worth around $900 million. It would be tricky to split that up fairly, depending on the reasons for divorce.

Friends believe that divorce is the only option. Beyonce is fed up of the rumors about cheating, and seems to doubt her husband’s loyalty to her. According to sources, she did not want her husband anywhere near Rachel Roy, Jay Z’s former business partner’s ex-wife. Solange Knowles was just expressing her sister’s wishes, which Jay Z refused to accept and acknowledge.

There is trouble between them, and it is leading to that fairytale facade being destroyed. The best thing for the singer superstar would be to end her marriage and walk away. However, there are doubts that she wants it to end to keep the fairytale facade up.

Right now, the couple needs to do the best thing for the family, especially two-year-old Blue Ivy. That could mean that Beyonce and Jay Z really are on the verge of divorce.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Life and Style Magazine

Jay Z Opens 40/40 Club at Atlanta Airport

Jay Z brought his 40/40 Club to the world’s busiest airport on Wednesday, with the opening the swanky bar’s third location.

40/40 is open to ticketed passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, according to spokeswoman Victoria Hong of Delaware North Companies, which partners with the rap mogul. The sports bar is in the airport’s Concourse D concessions area, Hong said.

“We want to have the same type of feel as the regular 40/40 Club,” Hong said. “It’s the airport version of the 40/40 Club.”

Airport concessions director Paul Brown said there are plans to create a VIP lounge area of the club, separate from the sports bar — at 1,500 square feet — on a different floor. The lounge is expected to open in the late fall, Brown said.

Brown called the lounge a “scaled down” replica of original club.

40/40 restaurant and lounges also are located in Manhattan and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Jay Z also had clubs in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, New Jersey, but both closed.

40/40 is known at the New York locations for its live music and sports memorabilia and for attracting sports celebrities and music stars such as Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

The original Manhattan location opened in 2003, with Jay Z and business partner Juan Perez.

40/40 was named after the rare feat among ballplayers of hitting 40 homers and stealing 40 bases in one season.



Kirk Frost Put On Blast For Getting The Nanny Pregnant And Fans Go Off! was browsing the internet as usual when we came acorss some juicy news about kirk frost. According to sources, Kirk Frost is said to have gotten the nanny Jasmine Pregnant! MFIRRadio contacted Kirk Frost to get his side of the story but we have not heard back. Sources say that Jasmine will be back for another season with her baby story. Peep out some of the photo’s and leave your thoughts!



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