There are currently many speculating that Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z are on the verge of divorce. The rumors started in earnest after the fight between the superstar’s sister and her husband, but there have been some tell-tale signs throughout the years. However, the former Destiny’s Child star likes to make her life look like a fairytale, and divorce is not part of that.

Many will now already be familiar with the recent episode of Solange Knowles and Jay Z. The two were seen arguing on lift security footage leaked at the Met Gala after party. There have been a range of reasons given for the argument, including Jay Z’s lack of support for the younger Knowles sister and the way he treats his wife.

Beyonce has always tried to portray the look of the perfect family. Her private life is kept behind closed doors the majority of the time, unless it will work for her or her husband’s advantage. She also stays out of fights, partially due to her pacifistic preferences. That was the reason given when she refused to get involved in the argument in the elevator.

There are many speculating whether it was the younger Knowles sister over reacting at something at the Met Gala after party, or whether there was something else to it. According to people close to the family, there could be something more to it. In fact, Beyonce and Jay Z may be on the verge of a divorce.

The fight at the Met Gala was not the only sign that she is considering a way out. Just recently, she was photographed with her wedding ring tattoo removed or covered up. The tattoo was something the couple got to show that their love for each other was permanent. It seems like the songstress wants to cut all reminders of this of her life out as soon as possible, so she can make a clean break.

However, she will try everything to keep the family together. There is more than her reputation to think about, such as her daughter and their joint fortune. Together, the power couple is worth around $900 million. It would be tricky to split that up fairly, depending on the reasons for divorce.

Friends believe that divorce is the only option. Beyonce is fed up of the rumors about cheating, and seems to doubt her husband’s loyalty to her. According to sources, she did not want her husband anywhere near Rachel Roy, Jay Z’s former business partner’s ex-wife. Solange Knowles was just expressing her sister’s wishes, which Jay Z refused to accept and acknowledge.

There is trouble between them, and it is leading to that fairytale facade being destroyed. The best thing for the singer superstar would be to end her marriage and walk away. However, there are doubts that she wants it to end to keep the fairytale facade up.

Right now, the couple needs to do the best thing for the family, especially two-year-old Blue Ivy. That could mean that Beyonce and Jay Z really are on the verge of divorce.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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