G-Unit Reunites At Summer Jam, Fight Breaks Out


A fight breaks out as G-Unit reunites on stage for Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

Apparently 50 likes his milk spoiled. Just a few months after referring to hisG-Unit associates as “having an expiration date,” the general has officially reunited live onstage with Tony YayoLloyd Banks and Young Buck. Tonight’s Summer Jam performance marks the first time the entire group has performed together since 2008 when 50 leaked audio of Buck crying to him for advice to the internet, prompting a split between the Straight Outta Ca$hville rapper and the G-Unit head honcho. This is also 50 Cent‘s first time headlining a Summer Jam show in over a decade.

Tonight’s set included Lloyd Banks & 50 performing “On Fire” together, among a few other G-Unit classics. As noteworthy as the music itself, however, was 50’s chain. Reportedly stolen from Slowbucks backstage just before the show, the accessory was worn by the G-Unit general for the entire set. Curtis and Slowbucks have been at odds due to an ongoing spat involving Fiddy’s son Marquise. A fight reportedly broke out during G-Unit’s set when Slow was refused entry onto the stage.

Sans Buck, G-Unit released a second collaborative album in 2008 titled T-O-S (Terminate On Sight). As of January 2014, the album has been certified platinum by the RIAA despite negative reviews.

The question now is what this reunion means for G-Unit’s future. Can fans expect another collaboration album or was this a one time deal?

Expect footage of the performance to become available soon.