A new mosquito-transmitted virus for which there is no known cure has spread to four states, including North Carolina.

The Center for Disease Control is worried it could soon become as prevalent in the United States as the West Nile virus.

There have been 41 reported cases in the United States so far. Florida has been the hardest hit area, and other cases have been reported in Tennessee and Rhode Island.

“There’s no vaccine for it, there’s nothing else you can really do but avoid mosquito bites,” said Ture Carleson with the Memphis and Shelby County Vector Control.

More than a dozen Caribbean nations are dealing with an estimated 100,000 cases. Travelers from those countries are bringing it to the United States.

The symptoms begin three to seven days after the mosquito bite and usually last for one week. They include fever, headache, rash and severe joint pain in the hands and feet.