June 24, 2014

Benzino’s Fiancee Althea Says Shower Rod Sausage Slinger Nikko Tried To Make A Freaky Flick With Her First!

On the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it has been revealed that Benzino’s fiancee of the month Althea Gibson also has a history with Mimi Faust’s shady boyfriend and freaky flick co-star Nikko Smith, but Nikko has repeatedly insisted that Althea is nothing more than his “leftover.”

In the midst of Nikko’s not-so-nice description of Althea, she took to her Instagram with this message that Mimi surely wasn’t too happy about:


SMH. If Mimi needed anymore proof that her loverboy DEFINITLEY leaked that tape, the fact that he’s tried to make one in the past should just about do the trick, riiiigght?

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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ (‘Three way, No way’)

Benzino faces a family tragedy. CREDIT: VH1


This was an hour with no major confrontations, no real ratchet-ness resulting in “Love and Hip Hop” security guards jumping in to break up the madness.

In other words, this was a highly unusual episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Not to say it was boring. There were plenty of interesting side trips and set ups for future episodes.

Also, this was a rare week where there was no clear “A” story. Here’s a quick summary of various mini-stories.

Gettin’ aroundBenzino‘s fiance Althea has apparently slept with every dude on this cast but Benzino only now learns about Stevie J. She decides to be honest with him about Stevie J. He doesn’t take it well but it was in the past. He’ll get over it.

Who knows what? Speaking of Althea, she converses with Joseline, who is not friends with any woman because she always thinks that every woman is ready to sleep with her man Stevie J. She doesn’t know it yet, but Althea has already slept with her man – albeit before Joseline came in the picture. Joseline, in the meantime, is prepping for a musical showcase. Remember: she is a rap star now!

All apologies: Kirk Frost’s sincere New Orleans apology with Rasheeda last week worked. This week, we see them in bed together, post coitus. “It’s time,” she says, “to stop fighting.”

Three’s a crowdKalenna Harper, a new recurring character who has barely shown up this season, is suddenly around with her purple hair and horny nature. She is recording music and her husband Tony wants her to focus on that. So she brings down her girlfriend Ashley from out of town to loosen her loins – and her mind. Tony wants in on the action, but Ashley just wants Kalenna for herself. He barely protests, staying downstairs while the ladies do it up upstairs. Was this a porn interlude or an actual storyline?

Notable quote: “When I see it, I get creative,” Kalenna says, referencing Ashley’s butt and her ability to then finish her record.

Truth or lies? Speaking of porn, Mimi is increasingly suspicious that Nikko leaked the sex tape, which is due to hit the Web soon. (Then again, skeptical viewers wonder if Mimi knew about this all along and that this is all a “Love and Hip Hop”-inspired “act.”). Her friend Ariane “confronts” Nikko at a gym and fails to get him to admit anything so she leaves frustrated.

Notable quote: “I like what I like.” – Mimi’s rationale for dating men like Stevie J and Nikko.

A tragic turn: Benzino’s mom dies so he has to fly up to Boston. He references messed up family issues. Stevie J, his buddy, joins him and hopes to reconnect with his own mom, goaded by Joseline.

Waka where? Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera, for the second week in a row, are absent from the proceedings.


Benzino gets shot! Kirk and Rasheeda’s mom confront each other. And Mimi and Nikko continue to clash over the sex tape.


The show keeps getting more popular. The eighth episode last week hit its season high of 3.9 million viewers last week and hit a 2.0 rating among 18-49 year olds. The repeat drew another 2.1 million that night. The show is ahead of last year at this point. The eighth episode last year drew 2.96 million and a 1.6 18-49 rating.

Report: Bulls’ Derrick Rose prefers Kevin Love to Carmelo Anthony

It seems more and more likely that the Bulls will be heavily in the mix to add a superstar talent via trade or free agency this summer.

Carmelo Anthony may be highest on their list, given that Chicago can sign him outright once he opts out of the final year of his Knicks contract to become an unrestricted free agent. But Kevin Love is probably not too far behind, even though the Bulls would need to acquire him via trade, which could prove tricky if they want to keep the key pieces already in place.

Derrick Rose is expected to be 100 percent to start next season, and his presence is one of many factors which make the Bulls such a desirable destination. And he reportedly has a preference in which superstar he’d like to see added to his team’s roster.

From Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News:

According to sources close to Kevin Love, Rose’s preference is for the Bulls to work out a deal as soon as possible for Minnesota’s All-Star forward because he sees Love as more of a team player than Anthony. Chicago is in the mix with Golden State for Love, with Boston and Denver considered long shots. If it makes any difference to Melo, Rose has no plans to recruit Love, who is free next summer, either. But the Bulls already know whom he’d really prefer to play with in the future.

Every player in the league would have a preference if asked who they’d like to play alongside with. It doesn’t mean, however, that they wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to play with a whole host of talented, proven stars.

The Bulls won’t be consulting Rose on any of their roster moves this summer, and will do what makes the most sense to set the team up for long-term success. If that means clearing the cap space necessary to sign Anthony outright — leaving the team’s core intact so it could immediately contend for a title — something tells me that Rose wouldn’t have an issue with that decision.

Carmelo Anthony race to Chicago

Carmelo Anthony has yet to publicly reveal the process by which he plans to entertain other teams in free agency now that he has opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks, but the Chicago BullsHouston RocketsDallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams that expect to have the opportunity to make their pitch to him starting July 1, according to sources close to the situation.

Teams can’t formally contact free agents until 12:01 a.m. ET July 1, but sources told that the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat are two more teams that could join the race for Anthony, depending on how things play out before, during and after Thursday’s NBA draft.

The Bulls are widely regarded as the early favorite to steal Anthony from the Knicks, with sources saying Monday that Chicago has been quietly planning for this free-agent pursuit for months, going back to the January trade of Luol Deng to Cleveland. Sources say every move Chicago made during the season’s second half — including the seemingly minor signings of veterans Ronnie BrewerLou Amundson and Mike James to very tradeable contracts — was made with the hope they might be helpful in a potential sign-and-trade with the Knicks for Anthony.



Sources say the Rockets, meanwhile, have begun working on trade exits for center Omer Asik and point guard Jeremy Lin to clear enough space under the salary cap to make a representative offer to Anthony. The Rockets have been confident for some time, sources say, that they can not only move both players if necessary in deals that create the requisite flexibility but also rival the Bulls’ sales pitch.

The Lakers are in the advantageous position of having enough room under the salary cap to make a maximum offer to Anthony without having to clear any salary, but it is believed Anthony would want them to strengthen their roster before he would seriously consider a move to L.A. Sources say the Lakers, to that end, have been exploring their options with the No. 7 pick in Thursday’s draft and have told teams they are prepared to package the pick with the expiring contract of Steve Nash (owed $9.7 million next season) for the right offer. reported Sunday that the Mavericks, armed with plenty of cap space themselves, likewise expect to be granted a face-to-face sit-down with Anthony. Yet Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki, who also is bound for free agency July 1, has acknowledged that the Bulls and Rockets have better odds of prying Anthony out of New York, labeling Dallas’ chances “not really” realistic.

Earlier this month, reported the Heat had begun internal discussions about pursuing the former scoring champion to try to grow their Big Three into a Big Four, but the Heat could pursue Anthony only if LeBron JamesChris Bosh and Dwyane Wade opt out of their current deals later this week and are willing to take less money to re-sign and play alongside Anthony. Heat president Pat Riley has since confirmed the club has pondered pursuing Anthony but conceded the scenario is a “pipe dream” given the financial complexities involved.

The Hawks would have to clear approximately $10 million to $12 million in salary-cap space to pursue Anthony, but sources indicate that is one of the many options Atlanta is considering, making it a sleeper team to watch.

Anthony is eligible to sign a maximum contract worth $129 million over the next five seasons with the Knicks. A max deal with a new team is $96 million over four years.

“Carmelo loves being a Knick, he loves the city and he loves the fans,” Leon Rose, Anthony’s agent, said Monday. “At this stage of his career, he just wants to explore his options.”

In an online interview that aired Monday, Anthony said uprooting his family to another city could not be dismissed as a factor amid the rising speculation about the Bulls’ desire to team him with Derrick RoseJoakim Noah and hard-driving coach Tom Thibodeau.

In the interview with Vice Sports taped June 3, Anthony said: “The average person just sees the opportunity to say that, ‘Oh, Melo should go here, Melo should go there. I think he should do this, I think he should do that.’ But they don’t take into consideration the family aspect of it. Your livelihood. Where you’re going to be living at. Do you want your kids to grow up in that place? In that city? Do I want to spend the rest of my career in that situation in that city? So all of that stuff comes into play.




“My son goes to school [in New York]. He loves it here. To take him out and take him somewhere else, he has to learn that system all over again, he has to get new friends. And I know how hard it was for me when I moved from New York to Baltimore at a young age. Having to work your way to try to make friends.

“As far as this goes, basketball goes, it’s hard to just say, ‘OK, I’m going to go here, I’m going to make this decision, I’m going to do that.’ Because everybody’s affected by that.”

New Knicks president Phil Jackson tried for weeks to convince Anthony to opt in for the final season on his current contract and delay his free agency until the summer of 2015. But Anthony maintained all season that he intended to become a free agent this summer and, according to a report last week from ESPN New York’s Ian Begley, already has begun researching the city of Chicago.

Thibodeau, meanwhile, has reached out to some of Anthony’s former coaches to inquire about the seven-time All-Star, according to a recent report in the Chicago Sun-Times. And reported in March that Anthony and Noah talked about playing under Thibodeau during the All-Star break in a conversation that turned into a recruiting pitch from Noah to Anthony.

Jackson said late last month that he’s “not losing sleep” over Anthony’s free agency but is “definitely concerned” about the idea of Anthony signing elsewhere. Anthony has said publicly that he would like to stay in New York but also wants to be in position to win an NBA championship.

The Knicks are coming off a 37-45 season under the fired Mike Woodson and don’t have salary-cap space to seriously retool the roster around Anthony until the summer of 2015.

Information from’s Ian Begley and’s Brian Windhorst was used in this report.

LeBron James Reportedly Opts to Become Free Agent: Latest Details, Reaction

LeBron James Reportedly Opts to Become Free Agent: Latest Details, Reaction


Break out your “take my talents” jokes from 2010. LeBron James reportedly has exercised his early termination option for the 2014-15 NBA season and will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent, has informed the Heat of his client’s decision:



Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick has more insight into the decision:



CNN’s Rachel Nichols notes that things are going to get crazy with James hitting the open market:



Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated notes that the decision to opt out was a tactical one:



Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press reports that James has no idea where he’ll wind up:



The Miami Heat forward was due $20.59 million for next season, which could have been his fifth with the club. James’ six-year, $109.83 million contract carried early termination options for both the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

Speculation about James’ potential departure has run rampant for much of the season. Almost half the league will have significant cap space this summer, most notably the Los Angeles Lakers. James will lead a free-agent class that also includes friend Carmelo Anthony, though it’s far more surprising to see the four-time NBA MVP’s name on the open market.


“At this point, I can’t,” James told NBATV in February, when asked if he could see himself leaving the Heat. “At this point, I can’t. We don’t know what can happen from now to July, so what I’ve been able to do this whole season to this point is just worry about what’s at hand, and that’s winning another championship.”

While understandably worrisome, James opting out far from ends his Heat career. Under the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, Miami can offer him a five-year maximum deal worth roughly $115 million. Other teams are limited to a four-year pact maxing out at $85 million. That $30 million can make all the difference for even someone of James’ financial means.

Opting out merely allows James to assess his options.

Dwyane Wade‘s prime has either already been passed, or close to it.Chris Bosh has disappeared in three consecutive postseasons against the Indiana Pacers, and he turned 30 in March. Both have the same ETO as James.

Ray Allen turns 39 in July and is hitting free agency, Shane Battier is retiring, and Mario Chalmers can walk this summer. Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen each have player options, though it’d be a surprise to see either opt out.

There are a ton of moving components here, each of which will have to be solved by Pat Riley.

The Heat, despite their aging roster and noticeable foibles, have won two NBA championships and gone to four straight Finals over the past four seasons. It would have been an historical anomaly to see James walk away at the pinnacle of an ongoing dynasty. But Riley needs to provide James with a cogent plan on how to rebuild the talent surrounding the Big Three. Miami is well over the projected salary cap if you include cap holds, and it’s nearing the dreaded repeater tax bracket.

Given the Heat amnestied Finals hero Mike Miller to reduce their tax last summer, this is no longer the no-brainer situation James walked into.

There is also an underlying financial component.

James is risking his long-term earning power and maximizing it. His five-year max, had he opted into the 2014-15 season, would have been roughly $123 million. He’d be 35 by the end of his next five-year contract, an age at which not many players (Kobe Bryant exceptions aside) are handed massive paydays. Analytically speaking (per, ages 34 and 35 feature among the biggest drops inexpected performance.

Should James leave now, his four-year deal would end at age 33. He might even be able to force a third-year player option, which maximizes his potential of procuring max-level money into his late 30s. Doing so also means leaving $30 million guaranteed on the table.



There is a loyalty factor to consider as well. The biggest draw to Miami beyond winning has been the familial atmosphere Riley has cultivated. As Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald wrote in April, James may have played close to home when in Cleveland, but he never felt at “home” until he signed with the Heat. Beginning with the Big Three and on down the line through Riley and owner Micky Arison, these guys like each other.

But, as we saw in “The Decision” era, he is also a pragmatist. James spurned his hometown and engulfed his public reputation in flames to win in Miami. He’s older and more comfortable with his all-time standing now, yet James is understandingly unwilling to play out the remainder of his prime in mediocrity.

There were already ever-so-slight signs of slippage. Though he averaged his customary 27.1 points, 6.9 rebounds and 6.4 assists, James was downright bad defensively at times last season. His effort waxed and waned, his rotations were sloppy, and there were countless moments when he’d eschew transition defense entirely to complain about a missed call.

Those are signs of the incredible wear James has put on his body these last few seasons. No player on the planet has played more minutes since the 2010-11 season, and only Kevin Durant is remotely close. With Wade breaking down, James might be reading the tea leaves and looking to repeat history—a situation where he can be The Man without having to carry the entire load.

Or he could just be looking for a fat new contract. Either way, Riley and Co. officially have their work cut out for them.

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