Kandi Burruss had no intention of getting married to Todd Tucker unless her fiancé signed the prenup before their walk down the aisle, and he did, but not before she made a few changes.

“I removed that,” Kandi told Andy Cohen about a clause in the contract that would have denied Todd any financial support in the event of Kandi’s death. “My thing was, overall, there was nothing major that we couldn’t just change the one or two things that were a problem.”

Kandi said when speaking to Todd’s attorney, she got the impression that all the concerns were over money. “We were supposed to be on the same page,” explained Kandi who said she and Todd had discussed the agreement many times.

In the end, Todd said he signed the prenup to prove once and for all that his commitment to Kandi had nothing to do with financial security or greed.

“I’m in this relationship because I love Kandi, not because I want her money,” he said in a preview for the “Kandi’s Wedding” finale.

Todd, who quit his job after getting serious with Kandi, had to consistently fight off rumors and accusations that he’s an opportunist looking to take advantage of the Kandi Koated Nights entrepreneur.

However, Kandi reminded fans that Todd’s unemployment was a sacrifice that he made for their relationship. The two met during production and Todd had to quit his job after telling his employers about his romance.