July 3, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J DUMPS His Wife Joseline . . . When He Learned That She Got PREGNANT . . . By Rapper RICK ROSS!!!


July 3, 2014: just confirmed that yesterday Stevie J DUMPED his wife Joseline . . . after he learned that she’s ALLEGEDLY pregnant by rapper Rick Ross. We’re told that Joseline is CURRENTLY PREGNANT, and that the child most likely belongs to rapper RICK ROSS – whom she’s been carrying on an affair with for months.

The insider told, “Stevie didn’t know she was cheating on him, and since he uses condoms, he didn’t think she’d end up pregnant. . . But when he learned of her scandalous ways, he confronted her and she basically told him what was going on.”

Once Stevie found out just how SCANDALOUS Joseline is (we could have told him), he DUMPED HER. Now he’s on Twitter talking about how he will NEVER AGAIN trust a female.

Oh, and the insider claims that the Puerto Rican princess has not decided on what she wants to do with the child she’s carrying.

The Facebook Experiment: the ‘why’ questions…

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Facebook question markA great deal has been written about the Facebook experiment – what did they actually do, how did they do it, what was the effect, was it ethical, was it legal, will it be challenged and so forth – but I think we need to step back a little and ask two further questions. Why did they do the experiment, and why did they publish it in this ‘academic’ form.

What Facebook tell us about their motivations for the experiment should be taken with a distinct pinch of salt: we need to look further. What Facebook does, it generally does for one simple reason: to benefit Facebook’s bottom line. They do things to build their business, and to make more money. That may involve getting more subscribers, or making those subscribers stay online for longer, or, most crucially and most directly, by getting more money from its advertisers. Subscribers are…

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Oozing worlds and abandoned buildings



  ONCE upon a time, I rang this artist’s doorbell for an interview, only to be greeted with the standard double kiss and a very modest: “I haven’t really timed my day well and we need to go pick up my laundry”. So off we went, lugging back a rucksack big enough to fit a child in and a plastic bag with drenched clothes, result of the typical broken drying machine. Daily chores completed, I was ushered through his living space/studio apartment as we made our way to the building’s series of outdoor balconies and fire escapes that merged into a 3-storey central courtyard. This infrastructure, neglected by most Montreal landlords, had been entirely invaded by artists. Tags, throw-ups, murals, dingy couches and sealed-off doors covered every inch of available surface.

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