August 3, 2014

Meek Mills ( You Got Knocked The Fuck Out )



Rapper Meek Mill was recently arrested and given 6 months in the county jail on a probation violation.

Inmates in the jail were not too happy with him stunting on Instagram as he received some threats. “The Bul be actin like he the King of Philly and everybody know he ain’t really bout that life” said inmate Rashad Porter.

Witness Jerome Coolidge says his celly in the jail got tired of him being up all night talking about all the places he’s been and celebrities and actress’s he smashed. He says he saw his cell mate knock him out cold and he needed 16 stitches. “The last thing he said to meek was it’s levels to this jail sh*t Top Bunk is mine”


Meek was last seen in the infirmary getting stitched up and is now been moved to a lower level tier.


Stay tuned for updates on this story as it develops.

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I know what you’re all thinking: Why the hell is she linking a delicious tarte tatin with dirty, feminist-infuriating Snoop Dog lyrics?

It is indeed a reasonable question to ask. But fear not, fellow feminists: I have not yet lost my feminist-ranting skills, I just thought the term “drop it like it’s hot” actually describes really well the mental horror one has to go through in order to dare and flip a tarte tatin.

If you have ever tried to make one, you will definitely be able to relate to the following description: You take your hot pan out of the oven… and you leave it to rest for a couple of seconds… while you figure out the best way to flip that flaming hot pan… and to make sure the tarte tatin remains intact… and that it doesn’t start leaking hot caramel juices onto your palms… or drop…

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