Hey I know everyone needs a Car and sometimes we don’t have everything we need to complete that goal..  So we come up and look and search for dealers that can help us out so we need with our problem ..  below is a story of a Couple and a similar story I heard from a few others who brought vehicles from this Dealership —> Sign & Drive Auto Group



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My name is John Doe and my soon to be wife name is John Doe we have been living in Charlotte for a year and some months now..  So we have been trying to get in the mix of things . We purchase a vehicle from Sign & Drive about two months ago that we really needed. We can only work and move around with this car.. Its a  2006 Suzuki Forenza   since before we purchased the vehicle we noticed problems and made it clear to the dealer of this problems . They wouldn’t allow us to pick a different Vehicle .  So we had to stick the Suzuki Forenza which has been giving us problems since we had it ..

They also gave us a loner car and the loner broke down on us after driving it for a day on the i85.  We they are giving us problems they don’t wanna give us a new car or our money…  Can you please help…

Our Car ( Suzuki) broke down on Sat 2nd of Aug on W TW Harris Blvd and Linen Lake Dr.

The Loner Car ( Chev Sebring) was given to us on Wed 6th of Aug and Broke down Fri 8 Aug ( i85)

They had to fix the following

The windows, The Time Belt, The Engine and the Battery.

I just spoke with then Today 8/12/2014 The Manager Robert Baker ( Sign & Drive Auto Group) Said he is NOT giving us our money back …

Mr. Donald Farrow at D& R Auto Service Told us that they shouldn’t have sold us the Vehicle because they ( Sign & Drive) sales plenty of lemons because they dont buy the proper parts for their cars..

Mr. Donald Farrow  The Mechanic at D&R also stated that the Sebring ( Loner Car) they gave us that broke down on i85 was the worst they have ever seen and that it could have exploded because the parts in the engine is horrible bad.

The Company you are going to be investigating

Sign & Drive Auto Group

2700 Wilkinson Blvd

Charlotte NC 28208

704-940-0221Robert Baker

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