you’ve heard of ‘America’s Dumbest Criminals’, but this guy’s stupidity alone should be illegal

No one knew the addiction to marijuana could be this serious, but maybe he just wanted to smoke that bad.

20 year old Walter Morrison was fired from his job at UPS then charged with felony theft after allegedly stealing a diamond ring worth over $160,000 from a UPS cargo plane. The Phoenix, Arizona man obviously didn’t know how much the ring he lifted at work was worth.

Morrison allegedly traded the pricey diamond for a dub sack of chronic. Yes, the soon-to-be felon traded a diamond that could’ve easily bought him a nice house and an expensive car and he gave that in exchange for $20 worth of marijuana.

Needless to say, the diamond ring was recovered and given to it’s rightful owner while Morrison awaits his arraignment in Phoenix’s Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday.