March 2015

Remembering Pac-Man: Google Says Play It Again Ma’am


Google just released a new Pac-Man feature that you can play online. Simply visit Google Maps and click on the Pac-Man icon in the lower-left corner to start a session of the classic arcade game — it turns 35 this year.

As Pac-Man enthusiasts know, the object of the game is to guide the titular yellow character through a maze while eating as many pellets as possible — and avoiding ghost-like antagonists Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Court Side Seats on April 5th At Madison Square Garden – For All The Right Reasons

knicksBid now on two tickets to see the New York Knicks vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 5th at Madison Square Garden!

These tickets are floor, court side seats (behind Spike Lee and the other MSG guests in “celebrity row”) complete with in-seat food service and a separate VIP entrance.

Exact seat location: Section 10, Row 3, Seats 13 and 14.

Tidal Wave Coming To Take Over Spotify – Jay Z At the Top Of That Move


Coming as little surprise to anyone that followed Jay Z’s recent acquisition of Swedish streaming company Aspiro earlier this month, the media mogul is set to announce the official launch of the brand new music serviceTIDAL, which seems poised to instantly unsettle Spotify’s reign at the top.

Offering higher quality music streams as well as HD videos, TIDAL will also have plans available for lossless streams and curated playlists. However, the most important thing the service can boast from the start is the roster of artists participating, including the most notorious Spotify absentee, Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. The fact that she is giving TIDAL access to the album implies that Jay Z’s venture will offer artists a larger share of royalty payments, and depending what that number is, it may send other services scrambling to keep up.

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Jay Z’s Playlist Ranked – How Would You Rank Them?


With 225 album tracks included in his catalog, Jay-Z officially has more songs than he has problems. Now that Jigga’s seemingly slowing down on full-time rap responsibilities, and has TOTALLY ABANDONED NEW YORK, Thrill List decided we’d send him off by analyzing and heartlessly ranking every single one.

Thrill list ranks them:

How would you rank them?

Ready For Your Monday Morning Commute – In Style

Lexus2014 was an amazing year for Lexus Racing, with six teams piloting race-ready RC Fs in the 8-race series.


So watch for Lexus Racing and our new logo on the track… we’ll be aiming to win.

And for anyone who has ever dreamt of driving the LF-LC Concept, revealed at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show, a new vehicle, the Lexus LF-LC GT “Vision Gran Turismo” will be distributed as part of the Playstation video game Gran Turismo 6 coming out this spring.

We’ll see you back on the track. Until next time…

designer car show

Fiyta Time Pieces Are On Fire – Gets You Where You Gotta Be In Style

Fiyta Watch

Fiyta Out-Of-This-World Watch Design

 Fiyta is an international watch brand which was founded in 1987 and specializes in watch design, manufacturing and marketing. Owing to its consummate watch making craftsmanship, Fiyta has provided space watches for China’s astronauts in the manned spaceflight program since 2003, and Extreme models have been a staple of professional motorcyclists’ style.

watches on Fiyta

As exact as a camera and as timeless as a photograph, the Photographer Collection Mechanical Watch by Fiyta is your new favorite timepiece. With its camera concept inspired dial, its case contains an aesthetic not unlike a camera lens that you’re sure to love the look of. Anyone interested can check them out here.

Stephen King Tells Governor To Man Up – Whoa Or Will He Write Him Into His Next Scary Novel

Stephen King

Stephen King calls BS on Maine Gov. LePage, tells him to ‘man up and apologize’

King’s comments about LePage extend his history of quips about the Republican governor. In March of 2011, King described LePage as a “stone brain.” Earlier that same year, King, a Democrat, showed up at a rally in Sarasota to protest Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s budget cuts. He compared Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Scott and LePage to “Larry, Curly and Moe,” respectively.

Stephen King pretty much is cooler than cool right about now. Forget Cujo, he’s going to sick Twitter on those politician clowns.

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Burlesque Brought Sexy Back – Brown Sugar Is Bubbling Over In Brooklyn

Mo Betta Burlesque

Essence Revealed knows how to captivate a crowd. And we all know she is just bubblin’ over with Brown Sugar- delicious! If you don’t get all you desire in your basket this Easter- Essence will surely satisfy that sweet tooth! Mo Betta Burlesque – MONDAY April 6! 10pm! No Cover. Mo’s Fort Greene!

Essence Revealed

Check out Essence on her website:

Sexy is back and in a wonderful way, the way of Burlesque.

Making Those Million Dollar Deals On Your $30,000 Cellphone – Signature By Vertu

Vertu Cellphone

Signature by Vertu

Cellphones come with their own special ringtones created by full orchestras. Yeah, this is how the ballers roll.

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