April 4, 2015

Zykeya McLeod: Author At 11, President of U Can Speak Up At 12, Powerhouse Speaker Now


Zykeya McLeod, 19-year old author of An Inner Child Speaks intends to make a difference in the world. The author created the story in 5th grade at the age of 11 for a class assignment. An Inner Child Speaks is her first creation and she has already begun to set sail on her next. She has said, “It’s important to touch subjects that many adults are afraid to tackle.”

Ms. McLeod is now a college student at Barry University in Miami, Florida where she has a double major in Business Management and Spanish.  Zykeya is also an entrepreneur at heart. She is owner of U CAN SPEAK UP which encourages all children to “speak out” about what’s on their mind, concerns they may have and what it is they may be going through.  Additionally, Zykeya is co-owner of Zy Iman Publishing, the publishing company that published her first book.

Zykeya has participated in the WBLS 2007 & 2008 Circle of Sisters and the 2007 Harlem Book Fair on Long Island, in addition to other events. In November of 2007 Ms. McLeod participated in the wonderful “Write to Read Workshops and Book Fair” in Milwaukee, WI. This also included Ms. McLeod giving a presentation to Burroughs Middle School students on peer pressure. This was uplifting & moving for both students & adults alike, as Zykeya gave a strong delivery! On May 10th, 2008 Ms. McLeod participated in Jonah’s Village’s Annual Walk against Domestic Violence alongside then Senator Eric Adams, & was honored for a child making a difference & awarded a certificate by Delta Sigma Theta.

She has been in Teen Voyce Magazine, heard on 98.7 KISS Open Line, seen on My9 News, OPEN with Bob Lee, News 12 Brooklyn and a list of other media outlets. Ms. McLeod is only at the beginning of her outstanding journey. Ms. McLeod is a member of C3 Youth Ministry at Christian Cultural Center and applauds Pastor Jamaal for “Being able to connect to the teens.” Although she is now attending college, she ensures that she is the voice for those who are afraid to speak up and speak out about abuse.

In honor of April being Child Abuse Awareness Month her book An Inner Child Speaks is available at 25% off. For a child by a child. Buy her book today: CLICK HERE.

A Prize For Best Idea on What Young Thug Is Sayin’! Here’s Kid Mero’s Thoughts


Also a writer and news host for RNN – Ratchet News Network with The Kid Mero, a.k.a. the Hood Walter Cronkite, recaps the hard-hitting headlines that make Miley Cyrus look like a Mouseketeer.

The latest trending scoop is he trying to interpret Young Thug’s lyrics. Can you do any better?

Wonder Kids – Cashing In On Your Kids Or Expanding Childhood To Include Labor

6n8yroldsBrothers are Entrepreneurs, Change Agents and Authors at 6 and 8 Years Old

When they were 8 & 6 years old Jeremiah and Joshua West showed the world that they were caring, kind, and amazing young boys. They are published authors. They are philanthropists. They are motivating kids all over the country to help those that need it the most. These two young men from Greece, NY showed us what it means to give back and truly be a helpful person.

Jeremiah and Joshua knew that they wanted to help people in need but they also knew that they wanted to inspire other kids to do the same. They wrote children’s books in a series called “Champions of Change”. The books are all about learning how to save money, how to earn money, and how to give back to those in need. The cover depicts the West brothers helping a homeless man by giving him food. They have even come up with initiatives to help other kids become interested in volunteering for different events throughout the year.

11yroldThis Boy Will Amaze You: He’s a Business Owner and Gentleman at 11 Years Old

 Mosiah Bridges is no ordinary 11 year old. He refers to himself as NBT. What does that stand for? Next Big Thing. And that is exactly what he is. Lester Holt from TODAY said that Bridges was precocious, well-dressed, and very talented. So what does he do that makes him so talented and will make him the next big thing? He owns his own company.

Mosiah started the company, Mo’s Bows when he was just 9 years old. He is a stylish dresser and felt that others should be just as stylish as he is. He began hand making bow ties and the company flourished from there. He has sold thousands of his bow ties already. His grandmother taught him how to sew when he was very young and it has taken off from there.

These boys now work for a living at ages where most of us didn’t have a care except to go to school and try to color within the lines. is having them work legal? is it healthy? Do people even care? The parents had to be a driving force or how else wold they have gotten to be known so what does this say about parenthood? Are children now another way of bringing money into the household? Celebrities have done it so why not the common person. There is one thing when a child has talent but when it comes to taking a child’s hobby and turning it into a business can anyone really say there will be a balance with making money and having a childhood? What are your thoughts?

Azealia Banks – So You Think She’s Lost Her Mind?

“Rapper Azealia Banks, who claims to be pro-black but apparently doesn’tazealiabanks_130_2014 date black men, now says she wants to f*ck the president. In an interview published Friday by Billboardmagazine, Banks extolls her adoration for President Obama, admitting, “He’s so fine.”

Banks, 23, is most known for her rants against Iggy Azalea, but took time out to praise Obama’s attractive features: “Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to f–k the president.’”

Oooookkkk.” From:

Azealia Banks, she’s not new to controversy or seeking out headlines. She is out-spoken and almost all of her opinions seems to touch off some fight somewhere with someone. But when does it go too far? is the latest headline with her name on it going too far and will a career be known simply for headlines or does talent not need to be a pre-requisite anymore? Oh wait. “Kardashian”. Nevermind.

So is this just a young woman telling it like it is or is looking for controversy and scandal?

Is it disrespectful because of how she said it or simply because she told it to the public? What’s Your Thoughts?

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