“Rapper Azealia Banks, who claims to be pro-black but apparently doesn’tazealiabanks_130_2014 date black men, now says she wants to f*ck the president. In an interview published Friday by Billboardmagazine, Banks extolls her adoration for President Obama, admitting, “He’s so fine.”

Banks, 23, is most known for her rants against Iggy Azalea, but took time out to praise Obama’s attractive features: “Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to f–k the president.’”

Oooookkkk.” From: http://reason4rhymes.com/2015/04/hip-hop-news/azealia-banks-i-want-to-fck-the-president/

Azealia Banks, she’s not new to controversy or seeking out headlines. She is out-spoken and almost all of her opinions seems to touch off some fight somewhere with someone. But when does it go too far? is the latest headline with her name on it going too far and will a career be known simply for headlines or does talent not need to be a pre-requisite anymore? Oh wait. “Kardashian”. Nevermind.

So is this just a young woman telling it like it is or is looking for controversy and scandal?

Is it disrespectful because of how she said it or simply because she told it to the public? What’s Your Thoughts?