separatedZella Jackson Price, 76, met her daughter, Melanie Diane Gilmore, in person for the first time at Price’s home last month. It turns out that Price was told almost 50 years ago that her daughter died after she had given birth.

The hospital in St. Louis, Homer G. Phillips Hospital, is now under investigation that there may be others. Eighteen black women have come forward because they were also told their babies died after they gave birth at the hospital.

It seems they were all told by a nurse and not by the doctor which is the way it was supposed to go.

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Price’s attorney, Albert Watkins, is asking city and state officials to investigate. In a letter to Gov. Jay Nixon and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, Watkins said he suspects the hospital coordinated a scheme “to steal newborns of color for marketing in private adoption transactions.” In a letter to Watkins, the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services called the allegations “troubling” and said it would like to help him track down relevant documents it might have, such as birth or death certificates.

Hmmm, why does he have to do their job for them? Just wondering.

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This is just evil and sad. Hope all those children are found and reunited with their biological parents.