MFIR. What inspired you to get involved with music?
MULA -The reason why i have been inspired my creating my own music is because i had love for music just by hearing music in partys and also by my uncle making music when i was a kid.

MFIR. Who were your music inspirations growing up and who are they currently?
MULA – My music inspirations growing up was BIGGIE, TUPAC, JAYZ, LIL WAYNE and currently im inspired by BIG SEAN, DRAKE, FETTY WAP, G4SHI & alot of artist that is making a huge name for themselves & making their own lane.

MFIR. How did you get the stage name Mula Migz?
MULA -The way i got my stage name MULA MIGZ is because my everyone growing up called me MIGZ n as i got older i was just making music and always been about my money since.

MFIR. When did you first begin to take your music seriously and turn it into a career?
MULA – When i first began taking my music career seriously was about 4 years ago when i started because i felt if i was going to do something i have to do it 100 percent. GO HARD OR GO HOME.

MFIR. What’s been your proudest or most successful moment thus far in your career?
MULA -The most proudest or successful moment this far is when i saw my song on apple music, itunes, amazon, and just got reached by swayinthemorning ( A&R room )

MFIR. “BACKAGAIN” is your current single . What has been the response of the single?
MULA -Yes, My song ” BACK AGAIN ” produced by lil tray beatz is my current single off my new mixtape ” I AM MULA MIGZ THE MIXTAPE ” is actually doing great ! Alot of internet radio stations are playing it at the moment and the fans love it !! MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON !

MFIR. Do you have any project(s) in the works? If so what are they and when will they be released?
MULA -I do have a projects in the work, im waiting for swayinthemorning to reach back to me and also just release a mixtape on soundcloud and music video on youtube last month. Im also dropping a few new music videos from my new mixtape be on the lookout.

MFIR. You use social media not just for yourself but to give advice to artists as well. What advice would you give to artists wanting to make the best of their talents and truly make music a career for themselves?
MULA -Yes that’s true i do like to help other artist with advice with coming up in the music industry because there was times when i needed advice. The advice i give to other artist that want to really make a career for themselves is that to keep working on your music, gain your own supporters, search for career advancements and never give up !

MFIR. How can people find Mula Migz online and keep track of your movement?
MULA -Everyone can find more about me ( MULA MIGZ ) online and keep track with my music is by all these following links and also you can google me for way more MULA MIGZ accomplishments.

MFIR. Any Final words or shout outs?
MULA -I want to say thank you to MFIR RADIO thank you for this interview, i really appreciate it. I would also like to shoutout all my supporters #TEAMMULAMIGZ WE WORLDWIDE ! I also cant forget about my all homies & upcoming artists from my hood. GTM GANG .. ILLNYC .. EPIC LIFE & KOT !


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