Beanie Sigel Calls Drake and Meek Mill’s Beef “Gay”


MFIR Radio//Luvproductionz Music Group// Def Jam Digital  Recording// will be holding its first EVER music awards and Single Deal Competition.  More details Coming your way in  a few..  #MFIRRadio #MFIRRadioMusic #Luvproductionz #mfirradioawards #DefJam #SingleDeal

There will be more details Coming I’m the near future regarding the setup.  We will conduct the following :

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New Release from the New Album ” The Last King II ( A Dying Empire)”  3AM one of the first singles to be released by LV since he dropped ” Sex Machine ” which is going to be part of another album hes working on called ” Dreams & Fantasies”

But This Song Featuring his new Artist and Teammate “TZL”  brings you a new sound from producer ” Cooarri”  3AM features a sound like and flow like well ……… Just Press Play and Listen..

Rick Ross Droppin’ Dog Food

A Lex Luger production Dog Food is the latest from Rick Ross.

The duo, first meeting up for Teflon Don‘s strongest one-two punch (“B.M.F.“), have since done “Off The Boat” and the Hood Billionaire title track together, and now they return for one called “Dog Food.”

Rick Ross - Dog Food

Yejide The Mama Wize – Ageless Hip Hop Sound



Yejide was raised in music. Being the youngest of 7, she was exposed to several genres of music, including her father’s Be-Bop and Jazz, her mother’s Rhythm and Blues and Disco and her siblings love for Funk, Soul and Hip Hop. Her older brother had her writing rhymes and blending and mixing records by 1980. She was an excellent student in school and was a technically trained dancer from the age of 8 until her sophomore year at Brooklyn Technical HS.

Her love of dance and music became her signature. She’s danced Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Bolero & East Indian Mudrahs on the stages of Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall, Alice Tully Hall and the world renowned Carnegie Hall. She won 1st place for singing at the NAACP-sponsored ACTSO Award for the Brooklyn Youth Council and was a delegate at the NAACP conventions for 3 consecutive years, introducing new bills to the legislative branch, before the age of 17.


Yejide was given the name, “The Night Queen”, by her mother because she always came home at the darkest of night.  Yejide danced with a crew called the X-Men and they named her Storm because of the “powers and elements that awakened when she ‘tranced’ out on the dance floor”.

Simultaneously, she became a staple on the undergound Hip Hop and Spoken Word circuit, sometimes doing two or three shows a week. Since 1993, Yejide has accumulated thousands of physical photographs and tens of Hi8 analog video tapes of the underground House scene, the NYC Hip Hop scene, live shows and several parties and celebrations. She never leaves home without her camera.

Yejide was a contributing writer for Red Eye Mag and a few online periodicals. She had her own column in The Black Track Newspaper called, “Let Me Just Remind You” that covered African American socio-political topics and music reviews. In 1997, after she graduated John Jay College with her Bachelor’s Of Science in Criminal Justice, she created We Manifest, a performance and production company. She saw a need for talented women to express themselves without a man’s influence, and created the D.A.W.T.A.H.Z. Series: a 6-year running showcase featuring female artists that traveled throughout NYC.

Yejide was featured in Blu Magazine, Mass Appeal, Shout, Urb and Red Eye Mag for her thoughts on female MCs, We Manifest and the DAWTAHZ series. She danced for Fonda Rae, Afrika Bambaatah, Colonel Abrams, Barbara Tucker, Michael Watford and Whodini. She’s proud to have lyrically blessed stages with Pam Africa, KRS-One, Apani, Baba Israel, Lady Blue, Mos Def, The Anomolies Crew, Strong Hold, Jessica Care Moore, 3 Bean Stew, Second 2 Last, Imani Uzuri, Wunmi, Full Circle, INI Mighty Lock Down, StaHHr, Hydra and Scienz Of Life, to name a few. She’s performed at Theater Barbey in Bordeau, France with Breez Evahflowin and Poison Pen for “Per4Mentalz”, a 4-day Hip Hop Concert in 2000. She drove down to State of the Union in DC with Tah Phrum Da Bush to perform with Tha Remainz and Jasiri X. She dropped Seventh, her first CD in 2000, with production from Scienz Of Life, Mic One of Animated Cartunes and the world famous, DJ Evil Dee. She kept performing and being The Mama Wize throughout NYC and the college circuit for the next 5 years.


We Manifest branched out into: Hair By Nature – a natural hair maintenance service; Balance~Wearable Art – innovative, eclectic and colorful jewelry, oils, books and all-natural body products; and Finger Food & Photos – a cypher with business owners, activists, writers and artists building and reasoning while enjoying The Mama Wize’s culinary treats. As an avid party-goer and performer, she’s been a welcome family member of Da BeatMinerz since 1995, dancing to their selections at Sputnik, Opus 21, Joe’s Pub and their annual Bearthday parties at Sutra during the Memorial Day weekends!

Currently, Yejide is on DJ Evil Dee’s “Broadcasting Live” Mixtape Album and working on new music, selling Balance ~ Wearable Art at festivals and online, writing the BEATMINERZ Radio blog and building up the We Manifest brand. Thank you for your interest and look out for The Mama Wize.



A Prize For Best Idea on What Young Thug Is Sayin’! Here’s Kid Mero’s Thoughts


Also a writer and news host for RNN – Ratchet News Network with The Kid Mero, a.k.a. the Hood Walter Cronkite, recaps the hard-hitting headlines that make Miley Cyrus look like a Mouseketeer.

The latest trending scoop is he trying to interpret Young Thug’s lyrics. Can you do any better?

Ebony Archer – ‘Gotta Believe In Me Conference’ Tour


Founded by Ebony Archer, the “Gotta Believe in Me Conference Tour” is launched through the entertainment company, Inspired By Purpose Inc
(IBP). in order to provide two platforms for youth and young adults: Entertainment and Education. The term that IBP uses is “Edutainment”
which means “to educate with the effective usage of entertainment.” The foundation of the conference is based on the song, “Gotta Believe In Me”.
The message of this song is to motivate others to believe in themselves to achieve their goals and aspirations. The message of the song has
established the purpose of the event, which is:
To educate the youth in the fields of media, entertainment, music
and film/TV and other areas, including but not limited to:
entrepreneurship, self-identity, etc.
To empower the youth and young adults to aspire to achieve and
accomplish great things in their present and future
To inspire the youth and young adults to accept their true identity
in order to help them discover their purpose in life.
 To entertain the youth and young adults through the means of
positive entertainment.
For more information, please visit
GBIM tour flyer

Tidal Wave Coming To Take Over Spotify – Jay Z At the Top Of That Move


Coming as little surprise to anyone that followed Jay Z’s recent acquisition of Swedish streaming company Aspiro earlier this month, the media mogul is set to announce the official launch of the brand new music serviceTIDAL, which seems poised to instantly unsettle Spotify’s reign at the top.

Offering higher quality music streams as well as HD videos, TIDAL will also have plans available for lossless streams and curated playlists. However, the most important thing the service can boast from the start is the roster of artists participating, including the most notorious Spotify absentee, Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. The fact that she is giving TIDAL access to the album implies that Jay Z’s venture will offer artists a larger share of royalty payments, and depending what that number is, it may send other services scrambling to keep up.

For more information:

Jay Z’s Playlist Ranked – How Would You Rank Them?


With 225 album tracks included in his catalog, Jay-Z officially has more songs than he has problems. Now that Jigga’s seemingly slowing down on full-time rap responsibilities, and has TOTALLY ABANDONED NEW YORK, Thrill List decided we’d send him off by analyzing and heartlessly ranking every single one.

Thrill list ranks them:

How would you rank them?

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