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Back to Sleep (Remix)

Beanie Sigel Calls Drake and Meek Mill’s Beef “Gay”

Chad Coleman (Cutty) of THE WIRE Flips Out On The 4 Train in NYC

The quiet ride on the 4 train changed on its head when a couple on the train started whispering about the man. The woman asked the man if Coleman could possibly be the actor from the Walking Dead. Coleman is also widely known for his role as Cutty in The Wire. The couple were not very quiet about their suspicions as it seems Coleman heard their discussion. That was when he heard the words that threw him and then set off his anger, yelling to the couple asking where their humanity was.

According to TMZ, all it took was that one sentence. And do you blame him?

“No, we don’t know that n*****.”

Pretty Sure “Kill All White Cops” FB Post Is What Got Atlanta Woman Arrested


People just be saying the craziest things! But do you have to post it on social media all the time? I mean, aside of feeling like you did something and got something off your chest, for what possible reason would you put yourself in harm’s way to post something that you GOTTA KNOW is going to bring the police to your door?



Yeah, I got nothing.

What do you think?

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Little Wayne’s Tour Bus All Shot Up In Atlanta This Weekend


Gunshots were fired at rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus during a stop in Atlanta early Sunday morning. Witnesses told police that there were two white suspect automobiles involved, “possibly a Corvette-style vehicle and an SUV,” says a police spokesperson. Officers were called to the Mandarin Oriental hotel at around 3:30 a.m. Sunday and found two tour buses had been shot multiple times after traveling on Atlanta highway I-285.

The tour buses pulled into a hotel after the shooting that occurred on the highway minutes after leaving the nightclub called Compound where the rap artist performed Saturday night.
TMZ reported Weezy and a few other Young Money execs and artists, including Lil Twist and Super Hood, were on board at least one of the buses at the time of the shooting.
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“Wayne, born Dewayne Michael Carter, Jr., is 32 years old. He’s the father of four children — one daughter by his high school sweetheart and ex-wife Antonio “Toya” Carter, and three sons that were born in the same year by singer/songwriter Nivea Hamilton, actress Lauren London, and radio broadcaster Sarah Vivan.” From Wikipedia

Last month, police were called to the rapper’s Miami mansion over reports that four people had been shot. The incident was later reported to be a hoax.

A Word From Our President (And Luther His Anger Translator)

President Obama and his anger translator at 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Watch complete video here:

Memphitz Loses Out in 65 Million Dollar Lawsuit

k-michelle-memphitz-thatgrapejuiceFormer Jive Records executive Mickey “Memphitz” Wright Jr. lost his defamation case against the owners of VH1, producers of the network’s hit show “Love Hip Hop Atlanta” and his ex after his former girlfriend R & B singer Kimberly Michelle Pate (who was known on the show as K. Michelle) accused him of physical abuse and embezzlement on the show.

In the lawsuit filed Memphitz asked for $15 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.

In depositions he acknowledged he got into a physical altercation with K Michelle in a Memphis hotel altercation in 2009 and had spent money from Jive Record’s budget for jewelry, not to help her career, and had sent a text message threatening to kill K. Michelle’s son. (Dayum son! Really?!)

He later tried to backtrack from say he didn’t. The judge wasn’t having any of that.

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Michelle, who says she was beat by her ex -boyfriend Memphitz, had gone on a Twitter rant about his wife Toya Wright. Toya denies the allegations made against Memphitz.  Despite the bitter feud between the ladies, K. Michelle’s graphic PSA is an attempt to help bring more awareness to the domestic abuse epidemic this country is in today.

While the abuse came out in 2012 and the lawsuit filed right after, the decision ended this past Friday, three years later. People are still talking about it though.

“We were having a normal argument and it would get more and more intense. We were fighting about a performance,” she says. “He ‘s the boss, I’m already big-mouthed and it just got ‘OK. I’m tired of this b**ch.” Things escalated from there. “I was smothered with a towel, ya hit me in my head with a [water] bottle I was bruised up.” It was nothing small, I was bruised up, I was bleeding. I was climbing crawling to get out the door.”

Nelly Arrested On Drug Charges

nelly arrested

Hip-hop artist “Nelly” is facing felony drugs charges after he was arrested by Tennessee State Troopers Saturday morning in Putnam County.

Rapper Cornell Haynes, 40, commonly known by his stage name “Nelly” has been charged with felony drug possession after his bus was stopped for not having the correct ID stickers in Tennessee. He was with Brian Jones who was also arrested for having a handgun.

jones-brian-4-11-2015Nelly and Jones were taken to the Putnam County Jail.  The Putnam County Sheriff’s office says Nelly’s bond amount was $10,000. They have already made bond.

The troopers discovered in the sleeper area a plastic bag that contained five colored crystal-type rocks that tested positive for methamphetamine, as well as a small amount of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Further investigation revealed approximately 100 small Ziploc bags that are commonly associated with the sale of narcotics and numerous handguns, including a gold-plated 50-caliber Desert Eagle pistol, a 45-caliber Tarus pistol, and a 500 magnum Smith and Wesson.

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Rick Ross Droppin’ Dog Food

A Lex Luger production Dog Food is the latest from Rick Ross.

The duo, first meeting up for Teflon Don‘s strongest one-two punch (“B.M.F.“), have since done “Off The Boat” and the Hood Billionaire title track together, and now they return for one called “Dog Food.”

Rick Ross - Dog Food

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