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MFIR Radio//Luvproductionz Music Group// Def Jam Digital Recording// will be holding its first EVER music awards and Single Deal Competition. More details Coming your way in a few.. #MFIRRadio #MFIRRadioMusic #Luvproductionz #mfirradioawards #DefJam #SingleDeal

There will be more details Coming I’m the near future regarding the setup. We will conduct the following :

Submissions for the competition and Nominations for the awards..

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MFIR Radio//Luvproductionz Music Group// Def Jam Digital  Recording// will be holding its first EVER music awards and Single Deal Competition.  More details Coming your way in  a few..  #MFIRRadio #MFIRRadioMusic #Luvproductionz #mfirradioawards #DefJam #SingleDeal

There will be more details Coming I’m the near future regarding the setup.  We will conduct the following :

Submissions for the competition and Nominations for the awards.. 



New Release from the New Album ” The Last King II ( A Dying Empire)”  3AM one of the first singles to be released by LV since he dropped ” Sex Machine ” which is going to be part of another album hes working on called ” Dreams & Fantasies”

But This Song Featuring his new Artist and Teammate “TZL”  brings you a new sound from producer ” Cooarri”  3AM features a sound like and flow like well ……… Just Press Play and Listen..

Black Babies Sold For Cash By St Louis Hospital – Moms Told Babies Died

separatedZella Jackson Price, 76, met her daughter, Melanie Diane Gilmore, in person for the first time at Price’s home last month. It turns out that Price was told almost 50 years ago that her daughter died after she had given birth.

The hospital in St. Louis, Homer G. Phillips Hospital, is now under investigation that there may be others. Eighteen black women have come forward because they were also told their babies died after they gave birth at the hospital.

It seems they were all told by a nurse and not by the doctor which is the way it was supposed to go.

To read about and see a video on Ms. Price’s reunion go to:

Price’s attorney, Albert Watkins, is asking city and state officials to investigate. In a letter to Gov. Jay Nixon and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, Watkins said he suspects the hospital coordinated a scheme “to steal newborns of color for marketing in private adoption transactions.” In a letter to Watkins, the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services called the allegations “troubling” and said it would like to help him track down relevant documents it might have, such as birth or death certificates.

Hmmm, why does he have to do their job for them? Just wondering.

For more on the eighteen moms go to:

This is just evil and sad. Hope all those children are found and reunited with their biological parents.

Chad Coleman (Cutty) of THE WIRE Flips Out On The 4 Train in NYC

The quiet ride on the 4 train changed on its head when a couple on the train started whispering about the man. The woman asked the man if Coleman could possibly be the actor from the Walking Dead. Coleman is also widely known for his role as Cutty in The Wire. The couple were not very quiet about their suspicions as it seems Coleman heard their discussion. That was when he heard the words that threw him and then set off his anger, yelling to the couple asking where their humanity was.

According to TMZ, all it took was that one sentence. And do you blame him?

“No, we don’t know that n*****.”

Pretty Sure “Kill All White Cops” FB Post Is What Got Atlanta Woman Arrested


People just be saying the craziest things! But do you have to post it on social media all the time? I mean, aside of feeling like you did something and got something off your chest, for what possible reason would you put yourself in harm’s way to post something that you GOTTA KNOW is going to bring the police to your door?



Yeah, I got nothing.

What do you think?

For more details:

Little Wayne’s Tour Bus All Shot Up In Atlanta This Weekend


Gunshots were fired at rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus during a stop in Atlanta early Sunday morning. Witnesses told police that there were two white suspect automobiles involved, “possibly a Corvette-style vehicle and an SUV,” says a police spokesperson. Officers were called to the Mandarin Oriental hotel at around 3:30 a.m. Sunday and found two tour buses had been shot multiple times after traveling on Atlanta highway I-285.

The tour buses pulled into a hotel after the shooting that occurred on the highway minutes after leaving the nightclub called Compound where the rap artist performed Saturday night.
TMZ reported Weezy and a few other Young Money execs and artists, including Lil Twist and Super Hood, were on board at least one of the buses at the time of the shooting.
For more information:  Click Here.

“Wayne, born Dewayne Michael Carter, Jr., is 32 years old. He’s the father of four children — one daughter by his high school sweetheart and ex-wife Antonio “Toya” Carter, and three sons that were born in the same year by singer/songwriter Nivea Hamilton, actress Lauren London, and radio broadcaster Sarah Vivan.” From Wikipedia

Last month, police were called to the rapper’s Miami mansion over reports that four people had been shot. The incident was later reported to be a hoax.

A Word From Our President (And Luther His Anger Translator)

President Obama and his anger translator at 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Watch complete video here:

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