Benzino’s Fiancee Althea Says Shower Rod Sausage Slinger Nikko Tried To Make A Freaky Flick With Her First!

On the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it has been revealed that Benzino’s fiancee of the month Althea Gibson also has a history with Mimi Faust’s shady boyfriend and freaky flick co-star Nikko Smith, but Nikko has repeatedly insisted that Althea is nothing more than his “leftover.”

In the midst of Nikko’s not-so-nice description of Althea, she took to her Instagram with this message that Mimi surely wasn’t too happy about:


SMH. If Mimi needed anymore proof that her loverboy DEFINITLEY leaked that tape, the fact that he’s tried to make one in the past should just about do the trick, riiiigght?

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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ (‘Three way, No way’)

Benzino faces a family tragedy. CREDIT: VH1


This was an hour with no major confrontations, no real ratchet-ness resulting in “Love and Hip Hop” security guards jumping in to break up the madness.

In other words, this was a highly unusual episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Not to say it was boring. There were plenty of interesting side trips and set ups for future episodes.

Also, this was a rare week where there was no clear “A” story. Here’s a quick summary of various mini-stories.

Gettin’ aroundBenzino‘s fiance Althea has apparently slept with every dude on this cast but Benzino only now learns about Stevie J. She decides to be honest with him about Stevie J. He doesn’t take it well but it was in the past. He’ll get over it.

Who knows what? Speaking of Althea, she converses with Joseline, who is not friends with any woman because she always thinks that every woman is ready to sleep with her man Stevie J. She doesn’t know it yet, but Althea has already slept with her man – albeit before Joseline came in the picture. Joseline, in the meantime, is prepping for a musical showcase. Remember: she is a rap star now!

All apologies: Kirk Frost’s sincere New Orleans apology with Rasheeda last week worked. This week, we see them in bed together, post coitus. “It’s time,” she says, “to stop fighting.”

Three’s a crowdKalenna Harper, a new recurring character who has barely shown up this season, is suddenly around with her purple hair and horny nature. She is recording music and her husband Tony wants her to focus on that. So she brings down her girlfriend Ashley from out of town to loosen her loins – and her mind. Tony wants in on the action, but Ashley just wants Kalenna for herself. He barely protests, staying downstairs while the ladies do it up upstairs. Was this a porn interlude or an actual storyline?

Notable quote: “When I see it, I get creative,” Kalenna says, referencing Ashley’s butt and her ability to then finish her record.

Truth or lies? Speaking of porn, Mimi is increasingly suspicious that Nikko leaked the sex tape, which is due to hit the Web soon. (Then again, skeptical viewers wonder if Mimi knew about this all along and that this is all a “Love and Hip Hop”-inspired “act.”). Her friend Ariane “confronts” Nikko at a gym and fails to get him to admit anything so she leaves frustrated.

Notable quote: “I like what I like.” – Mimi’s rationale for dating men like Stevie J and Nikko.

A tragic turn: Benzino’s mom dies so he has to fly up to Boston. He references messed up family issues. Stevie J, his buddy, joins him and hopes to reconnect with his own mom, goaded by Joseline.

Waka where? Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera, for the second week in a row, are absent from the proceedings.


Benzino gets shot! Kirk and Rasheeda’s mom confront each other. And Mimi and Nikko continue to clash over the sex tape.


The show keeps getting more popular. The eighth episode last week hit its season high of 3.9 million viewers last week and hit a 2.0 rating among 18-49 year olds. The repeat drew another 2.1 million that night. The show is ahead of last year at this point. The eighth episode last year drew 2.96 million and a 1.6 18-49 rating.

Love & Hip Hop Star Benzino Hospitalized After Shooting



shots into Benzino’s vehicle. The reality star seems to be in stable condition at an area hospital, at least according to an Instagram pic posted by Stevie J in which Benzino is sitting up in his hospital bed, biceps bandaged.


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino has been shot, TMZ reports. The reality star and former owner of The Source magazine was gunned down while headed to his mother’s funeral. He is currently in the hospital and his condition is unknown.

Benzino was reportedly driving in the funeral procession for his late mother when an argument among family members led to shots being fired. Sources in law enforcement say an arrest has already been made. Remarkably, despite the former rapper and magazine publisher being rushed to the hospital, the funeral continued as planned. According to the preacher, both the hearse and the limo were stained with blood when they arrived at the plot.

Benzino, born Raymond Scott, was co-publisher of The Source since its inception as a single-sheet newsletter in 1988, and was also a founding member of the rap group Made Men.

Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery.



Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Benzino was shot Saturday afternoon while driving in his mother’s funeral procession and police already arrested a suspect … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We’re told Benzino — former owner of The Source magazine — was shot after an argument erupted between family members in the funeral procession.

Benzino was hit and he was rushed to the hospital.

Remarkably … the rest of the family went on with the funeral and the preacher says when they arrived both the limo and the hearse were blood stained — according to reports.

Benzino is currently in the hospital ~

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