Its the moment you all been waiting for its JAY-Z its Brooklyn and Yes we making history. But wait JAY-Z has much to say before he continues to perform. 


He comes out wearing his Brooklyn jersey and 3 rope type chains almost reminding you of Fade to Black Show. 

He lifts the mic and starts to speaks.

He talks about the history of Brooklyn and the Great Jackie Robinson and how he was the 1st black to play in baseball.. Then continuing about how he is history and bring the stadium back is great for Brooklyn.  Also how people are going to down play your success and achievements but don’t allow them to bring you down.. We here and it our time..  

Then he turn about and ask them to put one finger in the air and with a sec to lose the beat drops , lights flash and its the song we all love 99 Problems.  He Rocks out the rest of the concert and we are pleased. 


Story by

-Luvy “LV The Voice” Murray