Cops fix car of chokehold victim’s mom after ticket

Cops fix car of chokehold victim’s mom after ticket

The mother of police-chokehold victim Eric Garner was pulled over for a busted headlight on Staten Island last week and promptly got the borough’s top cop to send out NYPD officers to fix the minivan for her so she could get out of the ticket, sources told The Post.

Gwen Carr, 65, was furious when a cop pulled her over for the cracked light on her 2006 Kia Sedona on the night of Oct. 21, sources said.

Before the ticket-issuing officer could get back to his station house, Carr called borough commander Edward Delatorre to complain, the sources said.

Delatorre had given Carr his phone number in the days after her son’s death in case she needed to contact him directly, a law-enforcement source said.

To the shock of many officers, Delatorre phoned Capt. Alan Larson of the Staten Island Task Force — and the cop who pulled her over was chewed out because he hadn’t recognized her name, sources said.

Larson called a lieutenant in the task force and said, “Make this right, and go fix it,’’ a source said.

The lieutenant called a sergeant in the Emergency Service Unit and told him to fix the light, sources said.

“You’re kidding me, right?” the sergeant, Anthony Lisi, replied, according to a source.

“No, I’m not joking. I’m being ordered to do it. I need help,” the lieutenant replied, according to the source.

“I’ll give you the tools, but I’m not changing the light,’’ Lisi answered, according to sources.


 – PBA President Patrick Lynch

The lieutenant called back shortly after and said, “Forget it. We’re taking care of it,” according to sources.

That lieutenant and a sergeant then acted as Carr’s personal pit crew and went shopping for a head lamp at an auto-parts store, sources said.

The cops drove with the new light to Carr’s home, where they made the fix themselves.

They even gave her the papers needed to void her summons. The ticket, which carries a maximum fine of $150, can be voided if it is fixed within 24 hours.

“The cops were ordered to do this,” a police source confirmed. “They paid for it themselves. They did the work themselves and took care of the ticket.”

The NYPD declined to comment. Neither Delatorre nor Larson or Lisi could immediately be reached.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, called the incident unfair ticket-fixing — noting it was particularly outrageous given that scores of cops have been tainted by the Bronx ticket-fixing scandal.

“It’s sad how hardworking police officers were arrested for a culture of ticket-fixing in the NYPD, and years later, high-ranking chiefs and captains continue the culture and have now opened the NYPD to the auto repair business,” he said.

Louis Turco, president of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association, said, “My lieutenant was following orders from a superior.’’

PBA President Patrick Lynch called for an investigation.

The message that brass is sending to the public is, “If they get a ticket, don’t pay it, just call an NYPD boss and they’ll fix it,” he said.

Garner died in July while being arrested for allegedly peddling cigarettes His family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city for $75 million.



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