Founded by Ebony Archer, the “Gotta Believe in Me Conference Tour” is launched through the entertainment company, Inspired By Purpose Inc
(IBP). in order to provide two platforms for youth and young adults: Entertainment and Education. The term that IBP uses is “Edutainment”
which means “to educate with the effective usage of entertainment.” The foundation of the conference is based on the song, “Gotta Believe In Me”.
The message of this song is to motivate others to believe in themselves to achieve their goals and aspirations. The message of the song has
established the purpose of the event, which is:
To educate the youth in the fields of media, entertainment, music
and film/TV and other areas, including but not limited to:
entrepreneurship, self-identity, etc.
To empower the youth and young adults to aspire to achieve and
accomplish great things in their present and future
To inspire the youth and young adults to accept their true identity
in order to help them discover their purpose in life.
 To entertain the youth and young adults through the means of
positive entertainment.
For more information, please visit www.ebony-archer.com.
GBIM tour flyer