Rapper Scrappy says he’s done with his ex-fiance, Erica Dixon and may be giving her engagement ring to Shay Johnson.

Rapper Lil Scrappy is now regretting popping the question to his former lover and child’s mother, Erica tweeting, “I’m so regretful of even tryin to get married n puttin that girl gonna show who tries to ruin their baby daddy life n he help build urs.”

The rapper added that he was the reason why Erica and any other woman in his life received national attention and a reality show tweeting, “Sorry to say the women n my life didnt put me on I put them on so how can they b richer than me , think people lol dnt listen to angry folks.”

 Shay and Scrappy

According to Bossip.com, Scrappy is now dating Shay, the rapper admitted that he was single last week tweeting, “I’m not wit nobody y’all I’m single as hell so I’m tellin u from my mouth.”

He later tweeted that his beloved bride-to be was showing off for the cameras adding, “And on top of that Y’all go love somebody that only wanna be in the spotlight and love you and when the cam off she treat you like sh*t. I can’t.”

Questions of Scrappy potentially giving Erica’s engagement to friend and lover Shay ‘Buckeye’ Johnson are just rumors according to the rapper. When a fan asked him via twitter “are you engaged to Shay?” He responded “No.”