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There is no real evidence showing that she really traded or tried to trade her child for a pair of Beyonce Tickets who might I say is worth starting $300.  But as the story surface will inform you on what happened ..  -MFIR Radio


ATLANTA – “Blu ivy is the only child not worth sacrificing” says Karrina Stepford as police escorted her off after being popped by an undercover cop for attempting to trade her 8 year old daughter for two scalped Beyonce tickets. Police say Karrina showed no remorse for what she had done and continued to tell them there was nothing wrong with selling her child saying “Its not like she was going to grow up to be like King Bey or something”; Even though she later apologized for purchasing the illegal tickets.  “King Bey was definitely worth the risk and if the good Lord blesses me with another child I would do it again” was her only remark as she stood trial in front of Judge Kevin Lockhart who says he wasn’t sure if he should lock her up and throw away the key or give her a tv show, because he is sure that he was being “Punk’d. Liked this article? Click Here to Get CreamBmp to Your Inbox Daily.

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