Let me start off by saying Nas is a genius. He once stated in an interview on VH1 that when his ex wife life him she took everything except her green wedding dress.

When you look at the cover of this great piece of work you 1st have to incorporate the dress that he spoke about. so when you see and understand the title  “Life is Good” its more like you thought you broke me down and I’m now I’m free.

This album is one of the best works we have heard from he since “Stillmatic”. Nas delivers  18tracks of balanced heat. With every track defining his Nas and why we Love his music so much Nas continues to bring us to our knees and having us closing our eyes saying this shit is crazy.

From his Broke up and  his mother passing, what we hear is in this album is a happy and content version of Nas expressing “Life is Good” speaking on his Marriage and is daughter this album is for the Record books. Thank you Nas –Luvy Murray