Nicki Minaj Reveals Wedding Plans — Is She Engaged!?


Engagement rumors are flying around Nicki Minaj like weaves at a sample sale. The American Idol alum has been with her boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, for over a decade, so it’s not out of the question they’d get official with it one of these days. But what’s really throwing the wedding speculation into hyperdrive are the interviews the Nickster’s been giving lately, detailing her dream nuptials. Seriously, girl is getting specific like she just came back from the caterer with truffle oil stuck in her lipstick. So what’s her Minajness saying?

To In Touch, the rapper revealed her big day will be one long costume change. “I’m gonna have 10 [dresses],” she says. But then ostensibly, the interviewer slaps her in the face with a mixtape, because Nicki comes to her senses and says, “OK, maybe more like three!”

Don’t worry, that’s not where garment gab ends. Nicki goes on to dish deets about those three dresses, saying that she’ll have “a big princess dress, something short I can dance in at the party, and then an Alexander McQueen gown that’s sexy and figure-hugging.”

This isn’t the first time the future Mrs. Samuels (we hope) has talked about her ideal “I do.” Just a few short weeks ago she revealed that her ideal wedding locale would be somewhere beachy. And!!!,a few months ago she and her man Mr. Sam were spotted wearing matching ring finger bling. It’s like they’re just toying with us because they can! So sadistic. Come on guys, let us in on the secret — you getting married or what?

What do you think of all of Nicki’s wedding talk? Think we’ll hear autotuned wedding bells soon?

Source: In Touch


Gud Afernoon FBF.. Let me say this I dont care who you are Respect is the key to success. Now since we got that clear. I hate that since Nicki has been in the industry she has made airwaves by disrespecting The Following strong women: Lil Kim (Great) , Mariah (Great), Da Brat (Great++) etc For all you Nicki fans 1st let me say this .. She has you women all messed up by dressing like her she cant dress, she wack and ill neva respect nE one who calls her fans BarBs.. Like you below her.. But hey thats just be.. The word Barbs in her Tone means: Followers meaning you are copycats.. Now back to the Matter for which im speaking.. Nicki needs to learn respect b4 one of them give her a beat down.. 

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