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‘Empire’ Co-Creator Lee Daniels Is ‘Gutted’ By The Bill Cosby Allegations

Lee Daniels is “wrecked” by the sexual-assault allegations surrounding Bill Cosby, a man the “Precious” director and “Empire” co-creator describes as “one of the reasons I am here today.”

“It is very, very hard, and what bothers me most is if there is an iota of truth to this … the one person of color that means the most to me is pulled down,” Daniels told CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday. “If he is guilty, it says that we are human, which is what I like to examine with every character that I breathe life to. We are not black, it is not white — it’s grey. We are all complicated, and we all like to point fingers and drag people down and drag people through the mud when stuff ain’t right. What’s fascinating is it’s not going to change. I pray for him. I pray for him. I’m sad. I am wrecked by it, I am gutted by it. He’s a man. And the victims, you know?”

Watch Daniels’ full response in the video above. A timeline of the allegations against Cosby is below:

Kylie Jenner Terrified Tyga Will Be Pressured To Leave Her Now


Kylie Jenner is terrified Tyga will end their relationship after being pressured to leave her. Tyga’s advisors are pushing him to distance himself from the youngest Jenner leaving her worried sick their relationship will end.

Kylie Jenner, 17, and Tyga, 25, are under a microscope right now after Kanye West opened up about the true feelings the young couple had for one and other. Now Tyga is being pressured keep his distance from Kylie, and she’s freaking out about it!

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Romance? Will Be Pressured To Leave Her Now

Kanye opened a can of worms when he said Kylie and Tyga were “in love” during an interview on Power 105.1‘s The Breakfast Club radio show on Feb. 20. — which infuriated Kris Kardashian! Things got only worse when Tyga expressed his feelings about her in his Hot 97 interview on the same day.

Now the pressure is on Tyga to distance himself from Kylie and she’s terrified he will leave her!

“Tyga has been pressured by some of his people and record company to distance himself fromKylie at least till her 18th birthday in August. They didn’t want him to get any public backlash for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with her.

Kylie sometimes takes people’s critical comments hard. She shed a few tears recently when she and Tyga received so much attention for their relationship. She always wanted the truth about them to be known but she wasn’t prepared for some of the criticism.

“It terrified her that Tyga may actually be convinced by his people to leave her. Tyga has reassured her he wouldn’t do that but part of her still worries about it. He’s become so incredibly important to him and would be lost without him in her life.”

Kylie Jenner, 17, Moving In With Tyga, 25
Hollywood Life

Will Tyga break Kylie’s heart?

Kylie Wanted To Go Public With Relationship

When Tyga finally revealed his true feeling for Kylie, she was overjoyed.

In fact, Kylie loved the idea of the rapperexpressing his feelings about her in his Hot 97 interview on Feb. 20.

She encouraged Tyga to go public with their relationship after Kanye revealed their love for one another,” a source tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “Tyga asked Kylie if it was OK if he posted something about them and she told himto go for it.”

It’s great that Tyga asked for Kylie’s permission before talking about their private life. Ad it’s not surprising he shared the truth after Kanye said in a live interview that Tyga and Kylie were in love.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Tyga will leave Kylie?

– Tim Plant

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Bobby & Nick Gordon’s Furious Fight At Her Bedside


While Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life, her family is in turmoil, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Her father, Bobby Brown, and partner, Nick Gordon, are at each other’s throats, while a new report claims her aunt, Pat Houston, has a restraining order against Nick. Find out all the details.

A fight between Bobby Brown and Nick Gordon got so heated at Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s bedside that Tyler Perry had to step in and intervene. Bobby thinks Nick is responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s current condition — she’s currently in a medically-induced coma — while Nick thinks her dad is at fault. Find out all the details on their furious fight in the hospital room.

Nick Gordon & Bobby Brown Fight At Bobbi Kristina’s Bedside: Why They’re Furious

“Bobby and Nick got into a shoving match and were cursing inside Bobbi Kristina’s room. Bobby accused Nick of enabling his daughter — he blames him for the predicament she’s in. That’s when Nick lost it. He got furious at Bobby and told him ‘Just because her mother’s family hates your guts and blames you for everything you put Whitney [Houston] through, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me,’” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Drugs Found in Bobbi Kritina’s Home

UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina Brown Taken Off Life Support?

Do you think Nick Gordon is to blame for Bobbi Kristina’s current condition?

Police allegedly found drugs in Bobbi Kristina’s home during a recent search, reports TMZ. However, E! claims that Roswell Police said they never went back to Bobbi Kristina’s house a second time.

“Bobby and Nick then started pushing each other. It got so bad that hospital security was called. But before they got there, Tyler had calmed both men down and separated them. Tyler’s a big dude and he talked to Nick outside the room and told him that Bobby was wrong for what he said. He then told Nick he was wrong as well. Tyler explained to Nick that everyone is just uptight right now. He then asked Nick if he would kindly go home for the day and come back tomorrow. Nick then left,” our source adds.

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Family Singing Whitney Houston Songs At Bedside

This is just so unfortunate. We’re sure everyone is looking for someone to blame, but hopefully, they can work things out and lean on each other instead of quarreling.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Aunt Has Restraining Order Against Nick Gordon

Sadly, that may not happen anytime soon. Bobbi’s aunt, Pat Houston, reportedly has a restraining order against Nick. Pat allegedly filed for the order of protection on March 14, 2014, after Nick “made threatening comments and posted photos of guns with the intention of making (her) fearful for her personal safety,” according to E! Online.

Nick is not supposed to have any direct contact with Pat through April 13, 2015.

Our thoughts remain with Bobbi Kristina’s friends and family during this difficult time.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Nick Gordon to blame for Bobbi Kristina’s current condition? Tell us how you feel!

– Chris Rogers, Reporting by Eric Ray

The Custody Battle – Ludacris

Ludacris just got what he was after in family court … the judge just gave him primary physical custody of his 1-year-old daughter … but the decision is really confusing.

The decision comes after baby mama Tamika Fuller bitterly testified Luda didn’t want the baby when he found out she was pregnant, and even tried to negotiate an abortion by throwing 10K her way.

But sources connected with the rapper tell TMZ … the judge reviewed the report from an independent expert as well as the testimony and concluded Luda was the more fit parent.

The judge awarded both Luda and Tamika joint legal and physical custody but said Luda will be “the primary physical custodian.” We’ve watched the video of the decision and the judge messes up in a big way, saying Luda has decision-making authority. If that’s true, he would have primary legal custody. Short story … the judge makes very little sense.

Luda tells TMZ, “I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.”

Read more:

Q-Tip Gently Explains To Iggy Azalea Why Hip-Hop’s Origins Matter So Much

Q-Tip addressed Iggy Azalea through Twitter with a powerful and lengthy message Saturday (December 20). The rapper’s posts for Azalea, who has been involved in an ongoing feud with Azealia Banks, were filled with information about the origins of hip-hop and why the culture continues to be an important vehicle for social change.

“Hip-hop is fun,” Q-Tip said in the series of Twitter posts. “It’s vile. It’s dance. It’s traditional. It’s light-hearted, but one thing it can never detach itself from is being a socio-political movement. You may ask, ‘Why?’ Well, once you are born black, your existence, I believe, is joined with socio-political epitaph and philos[ophy].

“Based on the tangled and treacherous history, slavery alone, this is the case. It never leaves our conversation…Ever,” he continued. “Whether in our universities, our dinner tables, our studios or jail cells, the effects still resonate with us. It hurts… We get emotional and angry and melancholy.”

Before ending his posts, Q-Tip explained why he was sending these updates directly to Iggy Azalea.

“You are a hip-hop artist who has the right to express herself however she wishes,” Q-Tip said. “This is not a chastisement. This is not admonishment at all. This is just one artist reaching to another hoping to spark insight into the field you are in. I say this in the spirit of a hopeful healthy dialogue that maybe one day we can continue.”

View all of Q-Tip’s posts to Iggy below.

Wave of Protests After Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Case

A Staten Island grand jury on Wednesday ended the criminal case against a white New York police officer whose chokehold on an unarmed black man led to the man’s death, a decision that drew condemnation from elected officials and touched off a wave of protests.

The fatal encounter in July was captured on videos and seen around the world. But after viewing the footage and hearing from witnesses, including the officer who used the chokehold, the jurors deliberated for less than a day before deciding that there was not enough evidence to go forward with charges against the officer, Daniel Pantaleo, 29, in the death of the man, Eric Garner, 43.

Officer Pantaleo, who has been on the force for eight years, appeared before the grand jury on Nov. 21, testifying that he did not intend to choke Mr. Garner, who was being arrested for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. He described the maneuver as a takedown move, adding that he never thought Mr. Garner was in mortal danger.

The decision came barely a week after a grand jury found no criminality in the actions of another white police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man in Ferguson, Mo.

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New York Mourns Eric Garner, Again

New York Mourns Eric Garner, Again

After a grand jury declined to indict the officer who killed Eric Garner, his family called for peace, and New Yorkers vented their emotions in the streets.

Video by Adam Freelander, Mac William Bishop, Joshua Davis and Stephen Farrell on Publish DateDecember 4, 2014. Photo by Kirsten Luce for The New York Times.

After the news from Staten Island, a wave of elected officials renewed calls for Justice Department intervention, saying the grand jury’s finding proved that justice could be found only in the federal courts. By the evening, the department announced it would open a civil rights inquiry.

On the streets of the city, from Tompkinsville to Times Square, manyexpressed their outrage with some of the last words Mr. Garner uttered before being wrestled to the ground: “This stops today,” people chanted. “I can’t breathe,” others shouted.

While hundreds of angry but generally peaceful demonstrators took to the streets in Manhattan as well as in Washington and other cities, the police in New York reported relatively few arrests, a stark contrast to the riots that unfolded in Ferguson in the hours after the grand jury decision was announced in the Brown case.

President Obama, speaking in Washington, said the decisions in New York and Missouri highlighted the frustrations that many African-Americans have harbored about a legal system that has a long history of discrimination against black people.

“When anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law, that is a problem,” Mr. Obama said, “and it’s my job as president to help solve it.”

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5 Key Moments in the Death of Eric Garner

The panel’s rationale was not made public, but issues such as whether Mr. Garner was resisting arrest may have been a factor.


Officer Pantaleo said in statement on Wednesday that he felt “very bad about the death of Mr. Garner,” just as he had told the 23 panelists of the grand jury when he testified before them for two hours.

During the proceedings, jurors were shown three videos of the encounter, and in his testimony Officer Pantaleo sought to characterize his actions as a maneuver taught at the Police Academy. He said that while holding onto Mr. Garner, he felt fear that they would crash through a plate glass storefront as they tumbled to the ground, said Stuart London, his lawyer. One of the officer’s arms went around Mr. Garner’s throat, as Mr. Garner repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

Appearing with the Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem, Mr. Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner, said she did not accept the officer’s apology.

“Hell, no,” Ms. Garner said. “The time for remorse for the death of my husband was when he was yelling to breathe.”

She said that while she mourned, the officer could go home to his family.

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sites and routes,

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“He’s still feeding his kids,” she said, “and my husband is six feet under and I’m looking for a way to feed my kids now.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking on Staten Island, said that it was a “deeply emotional day” for the Garner family and all New Yorkers, and that he had thought of his own son in considering Mr. Garner’s fate. But he implored demonstrators to voice their outrage peacefully and not engage in the destructive violence that followed protests in Ferguson over Mr. Brown’s death.

“Today’s outcome is one that many in our city did not want,” Mr. de Blasio said. “Yet New York City owns a proud and powerful tradition of expressing ourselves through nonviolent protest.”

An autopsy by the city’s medical examiner found that Mr. Garner’s death was a homicide resulting from the chokehold — a maneuver banned by the Police Department in 1993 — and the compression of his chest by police officers.

In early September, the Staten Island district attorney, Daniel M. Donovan Jr., impaneled the grand jury to weigh evidence; it heard testimony from the officers involved and 22 civilian witnesses. All of the officers, with the exception of Officer Pantaleo, were granted immunity.

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Video From Eric Garner’s Arrest

Video From Eric Garner’s Arrest

A New York police officer used a chokehold on Eric Garner, who died while being put under arrest.

Video by Taisha Allen on Publish DateJuly 20, 2014.

The encounter exposed apparent lapses in police tactics and raised questions about the aggressive policing of minor offenses in a time of historically low crime. The officers involved, part of a plainclothes unit, suspected Mr. Garner of selling cigarettes on the street near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, a complaint voiced by local business owners.

Mr. Garner’s death hastened an effort to retrain all the department’s patrol officers and brought scrutiny on how officers who violate its rules are disciplined. Officer Pantaleo has been stripped of his gun and badge during the investigation.

Now, Mr. de Blasio said, the grand jury decision had accelerated the need for that overhaul. Earlier on Wednesday, the mayor announced the start of a pilot program to equip officers with body cameras to record encounters on patrol.

But how useful such technology will prove to be in settling disputes over police actions remains an open question. Mr. Garner’s relatives had believed for months that a widely circulated cellphone video of the violent arrest that caused his death would be enough to convince grand jurors that the case merited a criminal trial.

Jonathan C. Moore, a lawyer for the Garner family, said “We’re astounded by the outcome of the grand jury process.”

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Graphic: Fatal Police Encounters in New York City

In a statement, Mr. Donovan said investigators also spoke with the emergency responders who provided medical treatment both at the scene and at the hospital, and expert witnesses in the area of forensic pathology as well as the procedures and training of police officers. He said that he was constrained by law from discussing details of their findings, but that he had petitioned the court for “authorization to publicly release specific information in connection with this grand jury investigation.”

He expressed his condolences to the family and said his office conducted a thorough investigation that “spanned four months.”

“I assured the public that I was committed to a fair, thorough, and responsible investigation into Mr. Garner’s death,” he said.

Grand juries determine whether enough evidence exists for a case to go forward to a criminal trial, either before a jury or a judge. By law, they operate in secret and hear only evidence presented by prosecutors, who also instruct the grand jurors on the law. Defense lawyers are barred from speaking. For a decision, 12 jurors who have heard all of the evidence must agree.


While the exact makeup of the grand jury was unclear, Mr. London said it was roughly half white, with the other half evenly divided among blacks and Hispanics.

With the criminal phase over, Officer Pantaleo’s fate moves into the realm of Police Department discipline. It is far from clear if he will return to enforcement duties, and Commissioner William J. Bratton said he would remain on suspension pending an internal investigation.

Even before Mr. Garner’s death, Mr. Bratton had been tasked by the mayor with repairing the fissures between the police and the communities they serve, moving away from street stops and minor marijuana arrests. Those changes, however, have yet to quell the anger that deaths such as Mr. Garner’s bring forth.

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